• Published 30th May 2020
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The Divine Eclipse - The Toaster

Goku Black was defeated, his soul traveled by the same portals that had given the power to defeat him, however he would find himself in one strange world, in this world, he is a god, even if in a new body, and he would stop nothing to achive his goal

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The Silver Throne

He was sitting cross-legged on a rock, stones floated around him, a silvery aura danced around his body, like a transparent burning fire.

He was already meditating like this, day and night, sun and rain.

He had already lost count of the days.

But it didn't matter to him, the unanswered questions made him uneasy, throughout his life, he had concrete answers, he is a god, he is the truth, but now, doubts and questions are arising , not only in the matter of his philosophy but also of past actions, when he killed mortals, when he tortured goku, he liked it, he enjoyed it, he always blamed the mortal body, but when he destroyed that city with those avian beings, the cries of despair, the pain they felt, which echoed through the mountains, were like music to their ears, he felt a sensation of pleasure....

He was now confused, how does he, in a body of a god, still hold these profane feelings? Just a stupid human who would take pleasure and do these things because he could, it just irritated him even more, because more questions came up, and questions he couldn't answer, but what blasphemy!

As an all-powerful god, could he feel the same things as a human??


He was the pinnacle of beauty!

Of the truth!

He was supposed to be better! And not equal to such smaller beings!

And why did he help that girl?? She was just a stupid mortal! The lack of bodily development was not a problem for a deity like him!

And yet...

He felt he should help that girl, he thought of how difficult it would be for that girl to adapt in a society where flying was the pinnacle of the event for beings with wings, he felt empathy...

The ground was shaking around him as his anger increased, he didn't believe thoughts like that in his mind! how can he! he was going against all his philosophy! Mortals did not deserve pity! they had no redemption...

But he remembered that little girl's smile, her happiness, and when she thanked him...

Because words so simple touched him so deeply, as a few days in this strange land were changing him, she was different....
Yes, he had the same problems that he always saw, mortals still using the great intellect given by the gods for violence and ambition, but he saw different aspects, in that small village, he noticed something that was almost non-existent in other worlds that he visited, harmony...


Something he had seen that was missing in many worlds, this species seems to be identical to the body he inhabited, these few facts seem to have caught his interest, however, he kept his meditation on emotions, in a psychological battle, then, he felt something, something calling him, something inside him, slowly he deepened in his thoughts, focusing more, and entering a state of deep meditation.

In his mind, he found himself in a void, he stood in that void, looking around, he could see absolutely nothing, but he felt something, a sign of Ki, no... Two...

Inside him? How was that possible? Ki ran through all living beings, it was how the gods created everything, each living being has its own Ki that represents its being, which makes him unique.

It should be impossible to have more than one Ki sign in one living being, this perked his curiosity.

Slowly he walked, it looked like he was going nowhere, but he knew he should see more than just with his eyes.

He was getting close, and the further he walked, the more the Void changed, the darkness slowly cleared, showing a path of grass, and then trees, and then, a forest, petals of flowers fell from the trees in his path, forming a wonderful landscape.

Slowly he smiled, one of the perfections of creation, these landscapes gave him hope, as he walked through the dirt path, he could see the resemblance of that forest to the forest that he was residing in for time, however, it was much more....

Peaceful, calm, and beautiful.....

Honestly, to transform a forest like that... It was tempting.... But what bothered him the most was that it wasn't his thoughts, it wasn't like his ordinary dreams, no, someone was changing that, and that someone was close.

As he got closer, he noticed a castle in the distance, he was gigantic and majestic, he was not going to lie, mortals knew how to make good architectures.

He would slowly walk through the gates and through the castle entrance, they were totally deserted, but the gardens were still wonderful and majestic, their petals flying in the light breeze that passed, and their pollen ready to be collected by the bees, which it was the masterpiece of the gods, a highly sustainable ecological system, where all living beings contribute and spread, and do not destroy themselves for moronic reasons.

Going up the stairs, he could see the walls, full of pictures, and paintings, they were telling a story, as he went up, the more they described how what looked like the society he had encountered before grew, obviously, internal fights between tribes of mortals, nothing surprising, but what caught his attention was that the tribes as the pictures showed, were unified by what looked like two... Deities...? Impossible! Why would the gods interfere with mortals....? Was it allowed? And if they interfered, they should have corrected their mistakes! They should have cleansed the land!

It kept showing one of the divine figures pointing his hand at the sun, she seemed to be creating the sun, while another one was doing the same as the previous figure, however, she created the moon, so they had two Kaioshins? Did they decide to observe their creation more closely? but why live with them? You can't say that....

He was already sick to think about it, but are these Kaioshins, having relations with mortals?!
How absurd! How blasphemous! Do they lower themselves to the level of mortals just to feel better? Were they not trained to leave carnal temptation?

He had arrived at the end of the steps, he was now in a huge hall, in him, the stories separated, the story of the creator of the moon and that of the sun were now in huge glass, the story continued, showing both governing mortals in their respective schedules, which confused Eclipse even more, why? They could easily collaborate with each other, yes, each one has their own creation, but both were made by the sacred hands of deities, it is our sacred duty to resolve everything as efficiently as possible, so as he walked down a red carpet that took him more deeply in the hall, he could see the panes converging in the front, showing a titanic battle between both figures with their respective armies of night and day, on top of two thrones, one representing the Moon and the other the Sun...

However, he still wondered....
Did they fight? Why? What would they gain from this?
So it hit him, mortals, they were influenced by mortals, not only did their concerns about them increase, but they started to think like them, act like them, they got lost...
What a horror, though....
Why was he seeing all this...?

"That, I can answer"

A feminine but powerful voice echoed around the room, curious, he looked around, and came across a figure sitting on the moon's throne, he could see that she was of the same species as his, the horn and monumental wings were very present, she was completely black, both the wing and the horn were the same color, her predatory green eyes were very flashy, and she had a canine smile, she had an armor very similar to Eclipse, but she had her unique touches and symbols of the moon.

"Who are you?"

But another female voice, and potent as her counterpart of the night, answered it in an amused tone.

"A better question would be, what are we?"

Looking at the source of the voice, he could see another figure on the throne of the sun, he could have sworn that before, the thrones were vecant, the figure was the same size as his counterpart at night, his fur was completely white, his predatory orange eyes the they watched with something around curiosity and amusement, she wore golden armor, and her mane seemed to be fire coming out of her body, an infinite flame, he had to admit, his mortal body was forcing him to see the figures as majestic, beautiful, but fearful and venerable, could they be the goddesses described in the paintings and glass sculptures?


They were too much different....

Successors perhaps? He did not know

"You did not answer my question, and invading a god’s mind is a monumental sin"

He would say with venom in his voice when looking at the figures, who in response looked at each other, and giggled, as if they were school girls, the Mare of the Night was the first one to speak.

"I already like you, my Name is Nightmare Moon, the god of the Moon, and ruler of the Night."

The fire goddess was soon to respond still with an amused tone.

"And mine, is Daybreaker, the goddess of the Sun, the day is my domain"

After their presentations, Eclipse would say something, only to be cut off by the goddess

"And to answer your threat, even though you are very powerful, you can't erase us, we are part of you. "

He would just wide his eyes at the revelation, and she would giggle at his reaction, the sun goddess continued

"You do not realize? Every bit of us is combined in you, Eclipse, you are our creation, we shaped you in everything but soul"

Now that he stopped and slowly analyzed, he could fit the pieces together, they should have felt his soul passing through the portal between dimensions, they made him their image, they had given him another chance...


The question caught the attention of both goddesses, who looked at him with curiosity

"Why revive me? Why give me another chance?"

Both looked at each other, and both smiled and looked at him again

"We know you well Eclipse, we know what you did in the past, and we saw you as worthy of a second chance, you see, our counterparts outside the dream world are....
They are not worthy of the title that was granted to them, we tried to change them, improve them, but they just banished us again to the dreamlands, you gave us an opportunity to not only end our past mistakes, but also restore our glory."

The moon goddness nodded.

"Indeed, and you passed our test when you exterminated the griffons, they were always a huge creation mistake, aggressive, territorial and completely greedy, you will be our judge, what will decide who dies and who lives, we failed to recover our bodies and do the right thing, but you, you can make the utopia that you so desired, and form the paradise that you fought so hard to conquer"

Eclipse was shocked, a lot was thrown at him at the same time, created by the goddesses of this world to bring balance to the world and decide which mortal lived and which not, it was too good to be true....

He looked at the goddness and narrowed his eyes

"How can i trust your word?"

Both then suddenly got up and started to descend from their thrones, Eclipse slowly started to walk backwards, watching the goddesses with suspicion.

The horns of both began to light up, and the auras of each lit up their respective chairs, they started to shake, and to move, and...
They merged into one, the chair represented the same symbol he had.
The goddesses looked at Eclipse, who slowly walked past them, passing his hand over the throne, feeling it

"We are already past Eclipse, we are just shadows of our former selves, we created you to be able to correct what we failed to create, we see your philosophy, and we see your determination, we know you can do it, you are the fusion of our last vestiges of power that we could form."

He slowly sat down, rubbing his fingers on the arms of the throne, while the goddesses smiled more and more

"This is your destiny, rule these lands, you are the legitimate successor and the true pure god!"

They both took their swords in their scabbards and stood up pointing up at Eclipse on the throne

"You're Eclipse! The god of the Sun and the Moon! You are the Darkness and the Light! You are the Harmony and
The Chaos! You are the true ORDER!"

Eclipse could not contain the smile on his face, while the swords suddenly flashed in their respective colors and released a ray of energy that combined and flew towards him, which upon hitting him blinded him.

Eclipse opened his eyes, they had changed color, they were more predatory, one green and one orange, he was still in his meditation posing on top of the same stone, he slowly stood up, smiling, he now knew his destiny, he knew his true destiny, the throne would be his, and he would bring true order and balance.

He walked slowly to the same village he had left, he had a lot to do, but now, he had a direction to follow.

Author's Note:

I loved doing this chapter, I hope I managed to leave this epic and explanatory for you! Next, Eclipse will truly begin its journey! Thank you so much for your support! Remember, any criticism is accepted! Gramatical errors? Let me know! Peace!

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