• Published 30th May 2020
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The Divine Eclipse - The Toaster

Goku Black was defeated, his soul traveled by the same portals that had given the power to defeat him, however he would find himself in one strange world, in this world, he is a god, even if in a new body, and he would stop nothing to achive his goal

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The Wrath of the Sun

Again, he was walking through that strange village, this time, the residents were much less apprehensive about his presence, it was as if he didn't exist, no look of anger, fear or disgust, just glances, and each one returned to what they were doing, so a shout came from somewhere.


He can't even feel the presence that practically flew in his face, she hit him in the belly and fell ass first on the floor, slowly he looked down with his angry look, only to see that child he had helped a few days ago...
She had her hands over her mouth in shock, immediately making a nervous face and looking around, probably to find a place to hide.

"I-i am s-s-so sorry! I-i didn't mean do hurt you!"

His face returned to a normal expression as he raised an eyebrow, it was adorable for her to think she could come even close to hurting him, yet adorable.

"You didn't"

She gave a nervous laugh, and then she was surprised, looking into his eyes directly, making him curious again, she then jumped up and approached him

"Your.... your..."

She hesitated a lot, and he kept his expression neutral, smiling creepyly as he looked at her


She looked at his teeth and seems to be immediately more nervous, looking to the side and poking her index fingers.


He narrowed his eyes, and slowly bent down to match her eyes, she slowly looked at him, Scottalo can only now realize how big he really was, he could be one of the biggest Stallions she had ever seen, Heck, he was bigger that Big Mac! She just stammered seeing him and walked away a little, while he slowly moved foward, filling the gap.

"I am a god little one, i know when someone is lying or not."

But before they could continue, an angry scream could be heard from behind along with many running sounds.


He could feel someone flying behind him, and immediately he turned back with a speed that Scottalo could not even see him moving, it almost looked like he disappeared.

He then stopped a punch aimed at his face, the impact caused a small shockwave, as the attacker came at a very high speed, he could see that the attacker was blue, with rainbow hair and tail, she was female, and clearly, she was shocked by his quick reaction.

"You think I didn't fell you, didn't you?"

With those words, his hand started to shine, and Rainbow at the last minute jumped to the side, when a huge beam of energy was fired by his hand.

She rolled on the floor and stopped by kneeling, staring at him with hate, he returned the look with a neutral expression, immediately changing to a small smile, she snarled, and then using her wings she gave a boost and flew towards him preparing to throw another punch.

He just smirked, and a few centimeters before she hit him, he again at a speed impossible to see with the naked eye, he intercepted her in midair with a powerful punch in her stomach, making her spit blood and with an expression in total shock at the surprise attack, she fell to the ground as hard as stone, passing out.

He looked at her and growled.

"Mortals, if you think that with your pathetic strength you have at least a chance against me, you are very mistaken."

He would tell everyone around him that they were now looking at him in horror, Scottalo ran past him and knelt beside the colored-haired Mare, she shook her almost in desperation.

"Rainbow?? Rainbow!!"

He raised an eyebrow at that, so that was the infamous Rainbow Dash that the little one so boasted about when they met?

He felt disappointment well inside, but what could he expect from mortals? Everyone is as sensitive as a cup of tea.

He then heard someone gasping, looking in the direction of the fountain he found a group of Mares of all colors, the white one was probably the source of that sound, the group ran and checked the fall while some left the group and went to face him.

"You! You did this to Rainbow?"

The Purple one said with a look of fury, then something hit him, he widened his eyes when he felt it, completely unexpected to him.

She had divine Ki, and also, she was like him in some ways, not only bigger than her counterparts, but also not only had a horn, but wings as well.

unlike everybody that only had one or the other, or had nothing at all, he slowly composed himself.

"You are a god."

She seemed taken back by the statement, but returned her expression and angry stance

"Yes, I am! Princess of Friendship! God and Element of Magic! And I demand to know what you did to my friend!"

Now it was the turn of Eclipse to be taken back, A goddess?? Friend of a mere mortal?? He just snarled at that, while his neutral expression changed to one of hate.

"Friend?? FRIEND?"

Now everyone around them withdrew a little in fear, while slowly Eclipse walked towards her, while her friends withdrew a little with the aura of anger appearing within him, except Twillight, who stood firm and stared at him angrily.

"I don't know how a god could lower himself so much to the level of having to fraternize with mere mortals... How can you? You have betrayed your very essence! The meaning of being a god!"

She just kept looking at him, both in that exchange of looks, so her response shocked him even more

"Of course I would 'get down' on their level! They are my friends! Thats the main essence of friendship! What is your problem??"

"My problem?? MY PROBLEM?? You are just commenting a monumental mistake! We are better than them in every way! You are degrading our image!"

She would just growl at this.

"We are just like them you idiot! Who do you think you are to say these things?? To decide what's right and wrong?!"

he was silent, slowly watching the goddess who challenges him, so he realized something, she was different, when he saw Nightmare and Daybreaker, they had auras of power, their manes and tails showed that their power manifested in a way that demonstrated that they had divine power, she didn’t wear anything similar, nor armor.

One of the only things that could say that she was of an important position was the little crown on her head, but it was probably just ceremonial, she shouldn’t be a goddess, and she lacked a decent amount of divine Ki.

So he understood, he couldn't even contain his expression of total shock, did she.....? A mortal became a god??

This changed everything, it just proved one of his greatest fears, mortals replacing gods!! This was a nightmare!



It was a Sin

And Sins must be punished accordingly.

She continued challenging him, and before she could mutter another word.

She went into an expression of shock, and shivered as she looked down at her belly, and she could just see Eclipse's hand with a gray aura impaling her, a hole of blood forming, as she looked at him shaking, in pain or out of fear, or maybe both, he smiled slightly, her friends in total shock, seeing her best friend being stabbed in front of their eyes.

"I Get it now, you are just a lowly mortal trying to imitate the beauty of a god, so pathetic, so sad."

He would then say, and using his free hand to punch Twillight in the face, throwing her away, and then teleporting over her to intercept her in the air.


And then he delivered a powerful kick, throwing her hard on the ground, and with impact forming a huge crater.

Her friends could only look horrified by the scene.


He slowly flew to the crater, where Twillight stayed, she was all dirty with impact and light scratches, a bloody hole was in her belly as blood dripped from it, she spit blood when trying to get up and failing

"It's so pathetic really, why does you chose to resist? Can't you just accept your inferiority and make my job easier? However, your punishment will be more severe, the only thing worse than a mortal, it is a cheap copy of a god."

He said while extending the span of his hand and with his horn shining, an orb of energy would surge in his hand, and he would point at Twillight's face, who even with great pain continued to look at him defiantly.

"I am not afraid of you, monster."

He could only grin at the comment

"Then you will die, braver than most."

Twilight just closed her eyes, waiting for Eclipse to shoot and kill her right there as all of her friends stood there in shock, not knowing what to do.

When suddenly, a ray of light fell in the center of the city, making everyone cover their eyes for the sudden event.

Before Eclipse could even decipher the reason for all that, a ray of energy flew from the source of the pillar of light, he was unable to react in time, being hit directly at him, and making him cross one, two three, and many more houses, making huge holes where he crossed through.

Twilight, looking at the beam of light, can only see a white figure running towards her, before closing his eyes and passing out, Pinkie, the most energetic of the group, was already jumping of relief.

"It's the Princess! We are saved!"

Celestia ignored the pink pony while placing her hand behind her student's head, she was unconscious and very injured, the source of the wound was lucky that it did not hurt any vital points, she slowly healed the wound while the other elements surrounded her.

"She will be alright?"

Celestia looked at the yellow Pegasus, and made a warm smile

"She will... However, you have to take her out of here."

The Rainbow mane Pegasus protested

"No way! I have to kick this guy's flank for for hurting my friend!"

Celestia made a hand signal for them to stand down.

"No, He is too powerful, I have to do this alone"

She would say getting up and slowly walking towards the ruined houses.

"No way we will let you alone with that brute darling!"

She looked back at them with one sad smile.

"I am grateful that you care so much about me and my dear student, but he is no ordinary villain, I need you to evacuate Ponyville, and take care of Twillight."

"But princ-"

Before a round of arguments could begin, a huge explosion of light appeared in the houses that Eclipse had been launched.

He appeared flying over them, growling in anger, with a huge gray aura around him, Celestia looked at the Elements with an expression that they never saw from their princess, Anger.

"GO! NOW!"

They all complied, taking Twillight and running away from the two gods, Celestia slowly flew to match Eclipse in height, and they both faced each other, Eclipse growled at Celestia.

"So, you are the much-acclaimed sun goddess, I was hoping to finally meet, the god that corrupted this lands."

Celestia kept her angry expression

"Keep your philosophy to yourself usurper, I didn't come here for small talk"

Eclipse just Smirked with the statement

"Usurper? No, I am a judge! And I have never seen a god as horrible as you, how dare you!?? Do you think you can give titles reserved for only deities to these simple-minded beings? Friendship? Passion? Don't make me laugh!"

Celestia's aura was ignited, as Eclipse had a huge Gray aura dancing around him, Celestia had a huge aura of fire to compete with, she was shaking with anger and gritting her teeth.

"We are not better than mortals just because we are gods! We must be examples of what they have to strive to achieve, we have no right over life and death! And now you think you can come to my land? Make threats for reasons as selfish as these? AND HURT MY TWILLIGHT?"

Her aura seemed to get more intense over time, Eclipse was surprised by the pressure she was putting out for her anger


She roared in royal canterlot voice flying at him in an enormous speed, he just smiled at that, and increased his ki further, seeking to compete with the goddess, and flying at her aswell.


Both roared as they flew towards each other at speeds difficult to see with the naked eye, and both with their fists in front of them to meet in the center.

Author's Note:

I will not lie, I had fun writing this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it, Eclipse will face an angry mother! What did you think? Mistakes? Suggestions? criticize me! Thank you and peace!

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