• Published 30th May 2020
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The Divine Eclipse - The Toaster

Goku Black was defeated, his soul traveled by the same portals that had given the power to defeat him, however he would find himself in one strange world, in this world, he is a god, even if in a new body, and he would stop nothing to achive his goal

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Battle of the Gods

In a small village in Equestria, everything changed, their punches could be heard for miles, and grandfathers would tell their grandchildren the day their houses were obliterated by only the Shockwaves formed by the monumental battle, the sky flashed yellow and silver, while the gods clashed.

In the sky, their auras burned like fire, and they flew like aimless meteorites, which collided repeatedly, Scootaloo could only watch and blame herself, blame herself for everything that was happening, since the confrontation started, it was her fault, when Rainbow attacked him without reason, thinking that she was in danger, and worse, she got hurt, she could have died, but why? Yes, he defended himself, but in such a brutal way? Why? What did she do to him? He had been so nice to her when she first met him, and now he came back so...


And his eyes....

They scared her.......

And now, the Princess was fighting him....

All of this because of her....

Because she was afraid of the only one that helped her when she needed....

She was gonna fix this...

That's why she was hiding in her house, watching the duel unfold, she wanted to do something ANYTHING, to stop this....
What could she do??

He wouldn't lie, he was having fun, it was the first time in a while that someone with decent power had fought him, her attacks were calculated and she could either deflect his punches or even get them head on, finally he didn't need to hold back.

He thought while exchanging punches with the goddess, he could say that she was also holding back, he first thought that she was underestimating him, that she thought that she could beat him easily.

As they fought, he realized, she was suppressing her power because she didn’t want the battle to hit the mortals, he slowly smirked, that mistake would cost her life.

Increasing his speed he disappeared from her field of vision, she hadn’t expected it, and punched the air as a result, looking around with anger slowly, looking for him.

Finding Eclipse floating with his guard wide open, without thinking twice, she flew at him and landed a powerful punch, just for the punch completely traverse the body of the god.


He just smiled at the reaction, disappearing completely, Celestia could just felt the pain in her back, being thrown away.

Eclipse disappeared and appeared in front of her, intercepting her in the middle of the path, spinning in the air and kicking her to the ground, doing the same blow that he had performed in Twilight, it was simple, but very effective.

Celestia fell like a meteorite in a house, completely destroying the roof on impact and the house immediately after entering it, a huge cloud of smoke could be seen.

Before he could think of his next action, a beam of energy came out of the smoke and flew towards him.

In his quick reflexes, he just turned his head to the side and managed to dodge the shot.

Looking at the source of the shot, he could see Celestia taking off from the wreckage dispersing them with the power of her flight, she stopped in front of Black, still with her hatred expression, and Black, just smiling maliciously.

Suddenly, she disappeared.

"What? She knows the instant transmission?!?"

She appeared in front of him, throwing a powerful punch in the stomach, causing him to spit saliva, and then spinning and kicking him, throwing him to the ground, making him drag for a few meters.

He then jumped back and fell to his feet, then taking off and flying in her direction screaming

She saw it and returned flying in his direction doing the same action, almost imitating the beginning of their fight.

They both punched each other in the face, and then unleashed a fury of blows to each other, both striking, deflecting and holding attacks from each other, a complete tie between them, none gained an advantage and none achieved a definitive blow.

Until Eclipse with a smile, kicked the Princess in the chin throwing her up, teleported behind her and gave her a spinning kick by throwing her down, and immediately forming a gray sphere in his hand and attacking her as she fell.


A huge explosion totally covered the sun goddess, Eclipse just watched the explosion with a smile when he felt her ki sinatura disappear, then his eyes widened, when he felt her Ki right behind him, she had several scratches, but nothing seriously, she had her back to him with her head down and with a sad expression, they had their backs almost pressed against each other.


She asked in a sad tone, surprising the Kaioshin for a moment.

"I can see in your movements... I can see that you had thousands of years of experience... Like me... But what motivates you to continue...? "

Eclipse just sighted, he didn't know why she stopped the battle for such an idiotic reason

"Isn't it obvious Celestia? I fight for the future, I fight for a future where the universes live in peace, without stupid wars, without hunger, and without disgrace, but that is only possible without the plague inhabited in these lands, just with that, peace will be brought, only with that, true justice will be brought truly, correcting the errors that arrogant gods, like you, refuse to accept."

Her expression changed from sadness to hate, and she gritted her teeth

"Mortals are our reflections, they have not only our skills, but our mistakes!"

She turned and gave Black a huge punch, launching him like a meteorite on the ground, then she appeared on top of him and grabbed his face, flying and dragging for many meters, making a huge trail of destruction where they passed


And then she grabbed him in the front and punched him in the face, throwing him away.

He tried to defend himself with his arms in X's position, only to receive a sequence of punches in his belly and chest before finishing with a right hook, then she throwing her arms out to the sides, she started to focus her magic on her hands.

Black had little time to compose himself to realize what she was doing, she then put her hands together with concentrated magic and then roared.


With that roar, the magic in her hands exploded in a chain-reaction, launching a gigantic golden ray that could easily rival solar energy, the radiated power of the attack could be seen and felt by Canterlot, the immense heat radiated from the energy pillar as it flew towards him.

Black just looked in awe at the huge beam of power flying towards him, placing his hands in X, he took the shot head on, being completely consumed by energy.

One massive explosion followed, with smoke coming out of the explosion, Celestia slowly lowered her hands and stood breathing heavy.

"Justice is blind.... Not heartless Eclipse...."

She said much to herself, when suddenly and unexpectedly, when the smoke slowly dissipated.

She could only be in shock, seeing Eclipse slowly going out of his X's position with only light cuts and bruises from his body, with a huge smile on his face, and he did something she didn't expect in such circumstances, he chuckled, and from that he went on to a full blown laugh.

"I expected more from another deity... But it doesn't matter, the more you hurt me, the stronger I will BECOME!"

With that he put his hands together in front of him, as if holding a ball in a funny way, so he slowly spoke words that Celestia did not know.


She just looked with confusion, she didn't know how to react to that, was he gathering magic....? For what....?
Whatever was, she was preparing herself


With that, he slowly brought his arms back while still holding them together, however, a light began to appear in the middle of his hands a silver ball that began to grow and increase its brightness.


As the sphere of energy in his hand increased, the climate began to change, the clouds began to become more aggressive, appearing suddenly, as if his magic only managed to attract them, as the energy ball increased more and more, worrying even more Celestia, who started to increase her own magic to fight the threat, she knew that no matter what he was doing, if she didn't defend herself, she could probably die.


Then, with one last line, and holding his silver sphere in his hands, he released a final roar, and threw his arms forward and spread his hands wide


With that, Eclipse launched a huge wave of very powerful power towards Celestia, which formed a shield spell around her to protect herself from the attack unknown to her.

The Kamehameha wave was gigantic, almost twice the size of Celestia's, and if she hadn’t been in front of it, it could have easily swept the city in its pressure alone.

On impact, she was thrown back a little with the power of the attack, but she held her ground, maintaining her position with the wave of power spreading around her.

Gritting her teeth and grunting in pain, she didn’t backed down, without her knowing, Eclipse kept a continuous chain of Ki into the Kamehameha, even so, he was still holding on.

Her resilience was admirable, even if futile, cracks where showing in her shield here and there, she would fall, and he still didn't even come close to his full power, and plus he was getting used to his new body, managing to absorb Celestia's powers with every blow she gave him, he felt a warmth inside him, a warmth he felt aunt when he turned into a super saiyan....


Celestia desperately tried to keep her shield, which was the only thing that kept her standing with the subtle wave of Kamehameha, while being pushed back, more and more.


A sound of breaking glass, and then she was more in shock, seeing the shield slowly shatter like a glass cup

No.... Twillight.... i can't.....





Author's Note:

Sorry for the delay and for the short chapter, I reviewed the anime for the fact that I was afraid of being wrongly describing how Black really was and how he would really react after some complaints in the comments, and studies have fucked me recently, but I promised that I wouldn't let you guys with no chapters and here it is now! I promise to improve, I really feel guilty for putting such a small chapter, I'm not so good at fighting scenes either, so if you want to give me suggestions on how to improve them, I'm all ears, thanks again, and peace!

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