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Red hood was fighting along side Batman against Grodd as he created a machine that went terribly wrong as they couldn’t stop it and sent the Jason to another world but it seems that where he was sent is unreachable as he has to deal with more problems now, magical problems.

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On one hand yay for Jason getting isakaied on the other hand how will the alt bat fam react to the red hood wielding the bat symbol

I really want to see how this turn out

That basically the bat symbol means that Jason has to play by Batman’s rules like no killing

I like it, tho I think it's difficult to tell if a person is thinking or speaking

Enjoing the read, seat belt is on and ready for the upcoming shocks.

Wow nice work I'm late for sure but barley found this and I'm loving it good job on the story

Love it can not wait for more keep up the great work

You reply to comments by moving your mouse over to the right hand side of the comment you want to reply to and clicking on the >> that appears. Also, the synopsis says "the" Jason. Why is that?

I had to make the entire story on my phone which is extremely harder as is so small and I don't realize if I typed a word wrong, so sorry

Now reading the story, it says the jason because is saying that the Jason from the past and the one of the present talked at the same time

Okay what? Just WHAT? Good choice of movie but slade of all villains?

Why is a Batman character(s) fighting a Flash character?

“The last that you will see, is Deathstroke... The Terminator!” said Slade in his mind, while he starts to walk off his base.

"-Also favorite DC super hero, Dethstroke The Terminator."

Deathstroke is a Green Arrow and Batman villain, plus Deathstroke has fought Red Hood in the comics

What about the dead ninjas at the school?

There are a few typos here and there.

Jason took care of them before he left, you can say they are in Atlantis

When will the sequel to Equestria Girls Super.(Rus-Eng)

I like the story a lot but when Jason reveals everything he can do like hacking or languages ​​or combat skills and especially who his family is, I see it very unnatural, I already know that Jason is in another reality but reveal everything you can do, the names of their loved ones to a complete unknown from another reality I do not see it as something that red hood would do and also ... where did he get the new suit? I liked the chapter more than that, I hope it continues to do

When’s the new chapter?

Good story please make more chapters.

“It seems Twilight isn’t coming, is she?” asked Jason while he walks to the trashcan. When he got up, he hears something from behind and looks back, the portal was emerging energy, and very surprisingly, Twilight and Spike came out from it, but Twilight headbutt Jason’s dick. (No more kids for him now.)


(Jason is Tagoma and Twilight is Gotenks)

“TWILIGHT!!!” every girl scream while Sunset runs to help Twilight and Jason.

“I’m baaaack.” said Twilight with a small crack on her voice, she looks down and sees Jason with a lot of saliva in his mouth, basically knocked out.

“So THAT’S what you gonna do to make him shut up.” said Rainbow with a devilish smile, while Sunset helps Twilight to get up. The girls look at a knocked down Jason that was also drooling anime like, he regained his consciousness and started to get up slowly.

"You... own me... a new dick. Shit I think is bleeding, I think it really is bleeding oh god." Jason grabbed his d in pain, he stopped grabbing it and looked at Twilight angry. "Welcome back to Canterlot. hope you didn't just come here to headbutt my d. Did you found anything about The Dazzlings?"

Dude, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T EVER do that!!!!! Unless, you want Batman or Jason himself in his Arkham Knight Persona to come to your Ass!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Well, HOPE you delete that stupid Low Blow in Jason's Privates. Unless you PISS OFF Red Hood/Arkham Knight Fans. Especially Me!!!! 😡

Excellent new Chatter I give a 10 out 65 .
Hears 3 new fanfic story idears that you mite like to write in the future.
1 bevas and butthead sons of luna.
2 goblin slayer abridged comes to equestria.
3 hellsing abridged in equestria

Here maybe this can help.

I was talking about Grodd, not Deathstroke.

Can't wait to see the remaster of this


These sorts of news announcements should be posted as blogs, not chapters. You can also link to said blogs in the description if you want people to be able to find it later.

You can tag blogs with a story, and doing so will also notify people who are tracking the story, but haven't followed you. The right people will get the notification, but it won't clutter things up as much as chapters announcing the same thing.

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