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I'm going through it.


Hello, my name is Hit and I am a Hitman. I was known as Tim, but isn't much better than Hit. I am an assassin, though I wasn't always like this. I dressed up as Hit and went to Comic-Con, I made the mistake of purchasing Hit's Assignment Device, with it, I was sent to Equestria. After training in solitude I decided to become a Hitman, it's in my nature. One fateful day I get a mission by the Princess of the Sun, Princess Celestia Sol. Princess Celestia gives me a contract and I make the mistake of signing it. After completing the job, she forces me to learn to Magic of Friendship with Twilight Sparkle and her friends in Ponyville.

Oh boy...

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Princess Celestia gives me a contract and I make the mistake of signing it. After completing the job, she forces me to learn to Magic of Friendship with Twilight Sparkle and her friends in Ponyville.

Seriously?! Why SHOULD you obey her after you finished the Assassination Job?! I mean, a Hitman/Assassin DOESN'T needs "Friendship Lessons". Besides, Hit is SUPER OP with his KI Powers, and especially his OP Time Skipping Powers, etc.. Celestia has NO CHANCE to be a "boss" to Hit of all people!!!!!

Oh just you wait until we get into the next chapter. Just. You. Wait.


Okay. But still, WHY do they keep running away like cowards?! The real Hit would have find them and finish the job already!

Seriously, it's like you give the Villains FRICKIN Plot Armor or something?!

Well, Sombra just vanished with the empire due to his magic, Hit was literally about to kill him. He was this close and Sombra became a damn coward and left, and trust me, Hit is going to beat the ever loving shit out of Sombra when he makes his return.

You my man have outdone yourself! I can see a bright and shining future for this story!

If I may. Where specifically in MLP would you say this takes place?

When Sombra begins to take over the Crystal Empire.

Er, well we next see Hit a little bit before the attack on Canterlot.

Ooooooh waittt.

Season 9 then?

Don't beat yourself over it, it is a common mistake.

Too much power... like overkill, not unless the world got buffed to balance out said opiness, like the ponies using ki.

Sombra and Hit were fighting pretty "even" back at the Crystal Empire. Hit wounded Sombra enough and so he fled. Hit pursued after him.

My mans head looks like if avocado's had asses. lol
Loving the story by the way dude

very pog lemme just track and fav real quick

Because that being a broken contract he really didn't have the following orders on that hidden words

Well, if he breaks the contract his reputation will be ruined about having no broken contracts. This Hit is 1,300 years old, he is quite renowned for completing missions flawlessly and always keeping contracts. But since Celestia wrote that secret note that means...

The contract will work if it's seen on paper if it's not seen on paper then it is a broken contract.

Well, not necessarily, it doesn't say it has to be seen. The Hitman is assigned to complete a job, if the person who made the contract adds another mission on the contract the Hitman is obliged to do it. And if the Hitman already agreed to kill the target before signing it, that's a double whammy.

Does she know that contract is a double-edged sword because now he can't help them out with King Sombra when he comes back

It did say that Hit has to follow Celestia's orders so he could in theory beat Sombra's ass.

Until you learn the magic of Friendship, you can not go back to your life as a hitman

Celestia is SO GONNA F***** REGRET THIS!!!!!!!!! Once, Hit finds a Loop hole or something. Then, that Sneakily Trolling Bitch is so DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

..... Bruh I don't know what to say about this story getting caught in a contract that's new never seen that happen before

I just realized something isn't he still getting paid for hanging out with the Mane 6?

I'm liking this so far, please continue. :twilightsmile:
PS. I find Celestia and Hits relationship hilarious. Hoping that it stays with relativly wholesome with dark humor.


Oh, that's BS!!!!! That will still give Hit the right to not listen to Celestia, or kick her troll ass. Because technically, she is NOT doing her end of the Bargain. And NOT PAYING a very OP Hitman/Assassin that has KI Level Powers of busting Multi-Universes. And has Time Stopping Powers as well, would be a Death Sentence in a blink of a eye.

Funny how he got hurt. Because half of the time people in DB get caught off guard and actually do get hurt.

I love this story so much, that was hilarious. :rainbowlaugh: Please don't let it die prematurely. :fluttercry:

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