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now this doesn't mean you put in Death Battle fics. This group involves crossover fics revolving around the combatants of Death Battle.
here is how it works there are folders for each season of the show and 2 sub-folders for each that say winner and loser (Season 2 will get a third called Chuck vs Segata). in those folders and sub-folders is where you put each crossover. here are a few examples if there is a Crossover fic revolving around Akuma then that fic would be put in Season 1's winner sub folder and if there is a fic involving a group of three certain hedgehogs then that fic will go to Season 1's winner and loser sub-folders and season 3's loser sub-folder.
there are some rules for this fic.
1. the focus of the crossover must be on the combatant or a group the combatant is in.
2. Displaced are allowed.
3. if the battle ended in a draw it counts as a loss (That also counts for Deadpool vs Pinkie)
4. if a pony was in Death Battle then only fics where those ponie team up, fight, or fall in love with their opponents are allowed.

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Yo, anyone got any death battle ideas?

though if it's a displaced Twilight fic then I suppose it can be allowed

in the loser sub folder for season five but as the rules say the pony that was in death battle has to either team up, fight, or get in a relationship with who they fought are allowed

Where do fics with Twilight go?

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