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To those who are fans of the infamous Demon Ram that appeared in the ninth season, are there those who wish that he could've been given a better role at the ending of the final season? Do you wish that he could've been there for the final fight and the fate of Equestria? Are you such lovers of his character that you are all the more angered that he wasn't who you all thought he was all this time since the beginning of Season 9 of My Little Pony? Most of all...are you so infuriated by such a certain Chaos God for ruining such a perfect character that it makes you want to give Grogar a role in any of your stories all the more?

If any of you happen to feel such a way and wish such a thing to happen, then this the group that you definitely want to join:scootangel:! I personally, was absolutely infuriated by how Grogar's character was wasted away in such chaotic fashion and that it was Discord all along:ajbemused:. That was such a waste of such a wonderfully crafted villain only to be thrown away by writers who were too lazy to continue on with something that could've been great:facehoof:! Any wanting to quench that rage with writing your own version of the Season 9 Finale, put them all here:raritywink:! Just be sure to follow the rules below and we should be good.

1. No spamming, flaming, or trolling of any kind.

2. Be kind and respectful to all in this group, no being rude or hateful towards others.

3. No bashing, hating, and criticizing others.

4. Violation of the three rules above will lead to you getting one warning only, then a temporary ban or a permanent band.

5. Have fun, and be sure to give Grogar a continuous role:heart:!!!

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Agreed. I had never been more disappointed in a plot twist in my life. Grogar became one of my faves from the moment he showed up and then having it be a farce ruined "The Ending of the End" for me. I was hoping that Grogar and his lackeys would launch an attack of unprecedented proportions upon Canterlot, something that would be beyond epic. I suppose when I was hoping for something as epic as the siege on Minas Tirith or at least Helm's Deep, I was bound to be disappointed.

Also, it seemed like the Mane Six were so OP in season 9 it wasn't even enjoyable. Sombra was a joke it seemed, the defeat of the Legion of Doom was too easy but still, Discord pretending to be Grogar was the absolute worst failure in writing in the whole series....and this is coming from someone who despises "The Last Problem" with a passion.

Season nine did have great episodes in my opinion with "Frenemies" being my favorite and "The Point of No Return" being a close second but the premiere and finale just seemed lack luster.

I hear ya there. To be honest, I was really not expecting that twist at all. And thinking on it now, that was a lot of potential ruined:ajsleepy:. They made him such an interesting character from the start, and it wounded up turning into something so... disappointing. As unexpected as it was:applejackconfused:. A whole season of villain potential... wasted:facehoof:.

I was beyond infuriated when Grogar wound up just being Discord in disguise. I think that was by far the absolute worst thing the writers had ever done, yes even worse than "The Last Problem." I had hoped that it would have been the real Grogar and it would have been him who was the final villain, not three villains that had failed in the past. That whole finale was a big bust in my opinion but doing what they did with Grogar ruined it for me.

I can only imagine how it would have been had we had the real Grogar and say he would have WON! That would have paved the way for a true 10th season where he was in charge of Equestria and it would have been up to Twilight and her friends to liberate Equestria, in a season long difficult struggle.

Heh. So far I only have created one group, and that is of Filly Glimmy :scootangel:

Mainly that group debuted before my FIMFiction story writing began and I was still a bit of a newbie to FIMFiction at that point... :twilightsheepish:

Just a little bit, but I'm getting the hang of it.

I assume you're a little new to group creating, right? :twilightsheepish:

5. Have fun, and be sure to give Cozy a real role and lots of love:heart:!!!

Might of carried that over from your Cozy Glow group, Kirin ^^; :twilightsheepish:

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