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Who am I again?

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Thanks for the fave on A Second Chance! :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for favouring 'The Legend of Broly' :pinkiehappy:

Here to make your day 'cuz why not :twilightsmile: i.enkiquotes.com/dGmjtU31RRrFo8GU7L8b9I8b9Xo=//images/2016/10/6649d17a0d320add6c32421bc5a24b02.jpg

Welcome to FiMFiction, friend! 😇

To reply to someone, tap that ">>" icon on the right side of someone's comment before typing. Otherwise, I won't see the reply. 🤓
[Side note: I'm not a bot, just a nerd, lol]
You could look over the FAQ or Writing Guide if you have any questions about the site or writing, as well as the Rules, but all you gotta really do is be a cool bean :3

Hello and welcome to FiMFiction, ARaccmann!

If you have any questions, feel free to take a look at the FAQ, the Rules, or (if you're interested in writing) the Writing Guide. Failing any of those, don't be afraid to ask around.

Hope you enjoy eating all our garbage and reading all our stories!

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