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The Venom symbiote finds itself in Equestria where it meets Spike an orphan who is outcast by the world. Together they will make sure that the galaxy fear them and tremble at their,very existence.

CROSSOVER: Spider-Man & Marvel comics

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This is a good chapter can't wait to read more

I'm already hooked and look forward to reading more. :pinkiehappy:

Is Spike going to have flashbacks to his operations?

Okay, I'm sorry, but the spelling is all over the place. Plus, the colored text is hideously distracting. Not to mention this story requires me to suspend my disbelief a... fair bit. You're telling me Equestria the land of friendship, who's very magic runs off it, cannot get along with the adopted son of their most popular Princess? I call bullshit.

Hell, the way you laid out Spike's expulsion makes me do the exact opposite of sympathize with him. He acted like a punk, really. Felt like he should have been expelled with his behavior, frankly.

Eh I’m it’s not for everyone and the spelling I’ll try to fix it later. Also the part with his expulsion I can see why you see it that way.

That's still no excuse. If the author is aiming for a sympathetic character, he's hardly succeeding. All the flaws with this universe are less bigotry and Spike being a dick. ...which, granted, Eddie Brock was a dick but I suspect a more sympathetic portrayal is the hope here. Sadly, the story doesn't convince me of any sympathy being needed.

Chapter 1 is just the hook

It's not a good one, I'm afraid.

Love it can't wait for more

Finally, Let’s see the mayhem!

I love that that they made spike a mix of peter and Eddie and the quote "we can do whatever WE want" keep it up

”As you wish.” Suddenly, the same black goo gathered on his chest. It formed a long thin neck with a large head on the end. It had large jagged white eyes with no pupils it also had a large twisted sardonic grin filled with razor sharp teeth. Spik was now extremely scared sweat began to roll down the side of his head.

”As you wish.” Suddenly, the same black goo gathered on his chest. It formed a long thin neck with a large head on the end. It had large jagged white eyes with no pupils it also had a large twisted sardonic grin filled with razor sharp teeth. Spike was now extremely scared sweat began to roll down the side of his head.

It's kind of funny how venom in the comics (can't remember which ones) ate people for a compound in the brain… that was later discovered is extremely abundant in chocolates! lol

After reading the 2 chapters, I wonder how would things go for Luna in this scenario about Spike with Venom there?
Felt like there is something potential there.

So far better this is better than the venom movie and it was a pretty average movie.

Luna's role could depend on which version of venom this is.

will spiderman in pony form or carnage in pony form show up later in this fic?

Carnage will appear lAter on, but not in the way you think

flash thomas + venom = agent venom
eddie brock + venom = venom in lethal protector

however there's a chance the author could create his own version of venom.

I do hope to see what has in store for Luna in this scenario.
Just felt like there's something interesting for her case.

(Then again I just love seeing Spike and Luna interact. A lot)

Really enjoying your story, keep up the awesome work!

It was late at night in the city of Ponyville a green scaled and purple spike winged dragoness walked through the streets in nothing but a pair of black shorts and white t-shirt she lazily carried a sleeping baby dragon who had purple scales and green spikes he was sloppily wrapped in dirty blanket. The dragoness looked down at baby with annoyance.

rule 63 if there is male and female version


Because most the ponies I’m gonna have them eat are either iIrredeemable or just douchebags. Also while it seems pointless I need them to have a conflict with the ponies in away and having them eat ponies seemed like the best course

Of course ...😑. Achiho , APCHOO :ajbemused: :ajsleepy:😑
But still in right circubstances the people COULD CHANGE , AND DEATH IS DEATH OF POTENTIAL.
Second to avoid conflict was what Imentioned , because ,
if it is found the reason and the core of the reason to reach down Spike and Venom .
Some alternate venos were ... contained and tried to be destroied .
But Venom cold be a hero in the right circubstances .
Now is Grisly version of punisher , and so was Venom Rarity ,
Until rejection first connected both into one sinchronised being .

But... it is your story and Ihope at least at last .... Somehow Venom to find peace and to help as we was .

As Klyntar part of the efford of the god of Abysis , which I forgot his name ,
when the God of Abysis tried to create his weapon ,
THE DARK SWORD And many grand grand parents from Grendel simbiont ,
but as own personality it chooses his fate .

Let this fate to be accepance at last somewhere .

I plan to combine the two in a sense like Venom will mostly refer to things that happened when he was with Eddie but do things that only Agent Venom (Flash) did.

Also as a general side note I’ll refer to Venom by himself as male and use us and them when Spike and the symbiote are together just to make things less confusing.

A nice chapter there.
Hope to see how things go when Luna interacts with Spike and finds out about his side of the story and such.

oof, the grammar in this is horrible dude, numbers mixed in words, wrong punctuation, letters missing or replaced, i really suggest giving this one a do over just to fix it otherwise people might not give it a shot.

Sorry about that I did the best i could but I’ll fix it

Hey I fixed the number problem but I’m not sure about the other things you mention


“So it should happen in about two-in-ahalf months?”.

Two-and-a-half months.

Reacting the top Spike decided to mess with ponies

Reaching the top, Spike decided.

There are a few more here and there, either you dont do revision when writing or English is not your first language, anyways now its less distracting during a speed reading, improvements will come with time so don worry too much about it right now.

Very nice chapter i like how when Twilight knew she was wrong she went and tried to shoot magic at them. That was funny

Alicorns got too full of themselves
Twilight needs to be beaten up
Some people get to think of their actions only when they are unable to move

I'm assuming he's doing this for the lols

When is the next chapter?

Not sure it took me awhile to get this one out

is this story still alive ?? wow

Not bad. Looking forward to this continuing.

What is that thing in the cover art?

Not sure it’s what came up when I searched for Venom Dragon. Look cool though.

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