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This story is a sequel to A weapon in Equestria

Here's the original fic: A Weapon In Equestria

Ok so you all know about the displaced stories on the fimfiction website right? Well turns out there true who new right? Well i didn't because I thought that the people who went missing were just kidnapped not sent to another universe. But I'm getting off track, anyways I went to comic-con dressed as my oc which is a hybrid of several different monsters from games and movies that i liked. I met someone dressed as The Kreeper from the jeepers kreepers movies. I bought a obsidian tablet with ancient writing on it and he wanted me to put my own symbol/mark on it. So i did not knowing what it would do and I was sent to Equestria with the obsidian tablet and I was turned into a infent of my oc and was hatched in fluttershy's cottage and it turns out that the obsidian tablet tells the destiny of the monsters of this world of equestria and my destiny apparently is to fight the bad monsters...yay.

[Displaced fic]

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hello friend, welcome back

I like this.
This is superior to the previous story.
That is an accomplishment.

PM me if you need an OC.

Was the original human a male or female?

The original was male the reboot is female

What was the top picture?

Is this story ready for the next injection?

Comment posted by Dinokid11 deleted Sep 2nd, 2020

Great work keep it up

This is pretty good so far. I like all of the abilities she has, let’s read some more!

Honestly, the fact alarm bells went off in his head but he ignores it shocks me, because I don’t think any alarm bells would be going off in my head.

I think you already went into detail of what your oc was, but thanks. Also she? And how does she know she’s In Equestria?

don't worry i'm just taking a small break to try and think of a way to explain certain parts in the story the next part will hopefully be out by the 27th. so don't worry about anything goodnight:twilightsmile:

This story's so good. I can wait.

This so far is a very nice and promising fic tracked and faved keep up the good work

How’s the new chapter going?

slow but strong it will be finished hopefully by November 15th

That’s great! We all work at different paces so don’t stress yourself

Continue com essa história por favor tá muito legal mesmo eu amei essa história por favor

next chapter will be finished hopefully by November 15th

I don't know how long i was out for but when I woke up i found out that I couldn't see anything and after wiggling around for a few seconds I had discovered that apparently I was in the egg and I also discovered that I wasn't human anymore. So that supplied with the fact that I bought something from a merchant's booth points me to being displaced which honestly made me angry but I got over it after an hour. Then I started to think about my situation because I was displaced. That meant I was my monster oc Lazarus and yes that's her name but if I am her then that means once I hatch I will imprint on whoever I see first. 'Great, just perfect' i thought sarcastically 'if I do imprint on somebody or correction somepony then i hope it's either twilight sparkle or fluttershy because fluttershy is good at taking care of animals and twilight did a good job at raising spike.'

But I don't know how bad would be the reaction to the scary creature and well that is of the more scary types .
or that is a bucket of ice water

Then all of a sudden a snake like tongue came out of my mouth and latched itself on the weak point and I felt it injecting something. My only guess is venom. Then I tasted something delicious and I couldn't help myself and started drinking and it was amazing. It was only when I finished that I realized what I had done the dead husk of the cragadile was just that a dead husk apparently I had injected it with a toxin that makes it sleep as a second venom is injected into the body and begins to liquefy all of it's insides and i slurped it all up like a drink. I then remembered fluttershy is here and a filly so I turned around and yep she's in a feudal position and shivering. I don't want her to be scared of me especially since I imprinted on her and she's technically my mother now despite what I remember from my old life. So I got low making myself look smaller and I slowly slithered myself towards fluttershy and she looked at me for a second before putting her head back down with her arms covering her head. Once I reach her I begin to nuzzle her and my attempt to comfort her is slowly working as her shaking slowly stops and she looks at me a little confused but feeling better after that.

Well that is usually the best cenario with fluttershy he most open hearted of all .

Faith MUST TAKE HOLD OF HIS INSTINCTS , ESPECIALLY THOSE ANIMAL INSTINCTS If you want to live peacefully with the pony civilisation If The Oc is PART Blacklight can it shape shift like the blacklight virus?
if it is that and ... unfourtunate creature that could stay on the clouds could be useful . Or just enought DNA to replicate .

And how that wold be affected on the way future ?

she can't shapeshift but she can increase or decrease her weight and create other blacklight beings from the DNA and they'll be like puppets

Than that i s trickyer . If she absorb a creature that can fly with her weght ,
Current option manticore wings
make a creature/separate living thing thst resemble wing or wings . The creature to attach or detach , depending or like simbiont part of similiar to wings with strong enoght muscles to lift , Or at least that is the idea . while the wings are not exactly created the separate creature which should be small or strong enought to be the wings or be like blank program when it attach to give main control and be just like wings .
And to boost speed to decrease weght . and fighting when is nececery more weght enought to control it but to deal strong hack/bash/crush, or to puncture sudden increase but controled movemend .



Planning on updating this anytime soon, just asking

yeah I would have done it already but my editor for this fic is still unresponsive. Plus I still have some things to writein it. So for now it's more than likely going to go on hiatus.

No yeah I understand, writing takes time and sometimes people are just unresponsive when their needed

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