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After the Rogue Shadow is damaged in a fierce firefight with the Rebellion, Galen Marek aka Lord Starkiller makes a hyperspace jump to a seemingly random set of coordinates whispered to him by the Force, only to find himself marooned on an uncharted planet populated with bipedal equine creatures, a great many of whom were powerful Force-sensitives, known to them as magic, none more so than an Alicorn Princess by the name of Twilight Sparkle. With the Elements of Harmony and Maris Brood as his apprentices, Lord Starkiller forms the Espada Order, a group of Force wielders that some might call “Gray Jedi.” However, Starkiller’s absence does not escape the notice of Emperor Palpatine for long, and things only grow worse when Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion get involved. And when faced with a terrible tragedy, Starkiller’s greatest student and Equestria’s greatest hero might just become their greatest threat.

A Star Wars crossover and sister story to Long Live The Rebellion.

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There's more than one way to get a crossover character into Equestria, especially if they're from a sci-fi based series like Star Wars. The last few years have taught me that.

How many souls do you require?

Well, so far I've got 616 souls within my collection, so as long as that number continues to climb, I'm happy.

Then this reaper shall endeavor to collect.

Well, the title is based of an abandoned Darth Vader in Equestria project called All Hail The Dark Lord and I just thought the cover at looked badass.

I wouldn't be surprised if there will be only one chapter of this story

Well they did go straight to vivisection… fuck the whole “is it a threat?” Route just kill it with fire!

well, I'll be damned, but will we see another chapter,😃

I really want to see Starkiller deflect the rainbow 🤣 also keep it up

Indeed, I question this as well.


I have Chapters Three and Four ready for launch, and I am currently developing Chapters five and six, the latter of which features Espada training with the Mane 6. My goal is to upload chapter three on Sunday.

That's great to hear! BTW, We weren't downing on you, just remarking on patterns made with stories past.

any romance if there are pleases list them down

he should be a grey Jedi or go back to light side with a bit of romance

Did you steal this fic by any chance?
You didn't even remove the authors notes where it's says that this is by Gotham Joker, thou he seems to have went missing from fimfic.
And I did definitely read this fic a long time ago.

Oh well as as you continue it it's fine I guess.

And furthermore, I am the Joker. I just changed my username.

Where did you find that lovely peace of art?

Really liking both versions of this story.

That what I get for reading Starkiller fanfiction, many details behind his life is not true anymore and that includes Shaak Ti death.


nice story. It's a shame it's no longer alive.

Really not liking that Spike missed out from the meeting.
Why was he left out?

Will this continue?

Why was Spike left out hard though.?

And when faced with a terrible tragedy, Starkiller’s greatest student and Equestria’s greatest hero might just become their greatest threat.

What's that supposed to mean?

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