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Writting for the fun of it


Leo had just turned 16 and passed high school, he had a life that you can consider ordinary. But one day he dreamed of a creature who was better described as outright bizarre, also having a strange and questionable sense of humor. But he just shrugged that aside.

An error on his part, as the creature who named himself 'Discord' suddenly pulled him into a world he had never seen before and with a body that was similar to his, and what did he mean by himself being an apprentice? What the hell is going on?

And why do the people all look like colorful horses?

The artwork's are not mine! They belong to their respective owners.

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That hybrid would be a pain in the ass

Great new story coming together!
Keep it up!

I feel like the pace was a little too fast. Maybe have some slower dialogue and more detailed descriptions of characters and events.

Thanks for the tips, will do!

Ok that chapter was good with the way you did it. I am doing a fanfic my self but I have multiple realities of it and don't know which one to choose. But the plot that you are doing here is good as it is. Keep it up!

Will try! Once school and sickness is out of the way!

no! This month, my sickness and once i finish some of my homeworks

cool. wish you luck then. I just posted a story myself so I'm going through the same thing myself... sort of.

I hope this isn't dead already.

Nah dude, it was more of a joke story, i didn't expect to explode like that, i will work more in this after i have finished my 'God of Anger'

Continue com essa história por favor tá muito legal mesmo eu amei essa história por favor

Desculpa mano, mas ela ta em hiatus por enquanto, estou focando em outra história, mas relaxa que abandonada ela não está!

Comment posted by Starkiler deleted Feb 8th, 2021

Gonna wait patiently for this one to continue

Why make this anthro?

Personal reason, I can't write thinking about animals walking on all fours, i imagine them just like normal people, and that would destroy the immersion, so I do anthro to look more natural.

Yay. finally. It has updated.

Continue com essa história por favor tá muito legal mesmo eu amei essa história por favor

When is the sequel !?

You guys really like this story huh? my God xD
Dunno, still working on it


This could use 46 more chapters

"Abomination?? How can you say that about my vast beauty??!"

as much Duches from foster hom from imainary frien is beautiful only in broken miror



"You see, doing everything chaotic is fun!"

I have morals eve in chaos

With another snap of the fingers, everything started to shake, and a huge chair would come up from the floor under the cushion, and she started immediately walking, yes, WALKING, while all the empty scenery they were was starting to change, he would see a forest if forming next to a beautiful stream.

tah is nice

That immediately changed, the trees suddenly turned themselves into sweet cottons! And the sudden little stream would turn brown, probably chocolate, and it would start to... Rain... just the opposite way it was supposed to rain.... Literally flying and entering in a brown cloud.

Same tademark ? Chocolate rain

"And after the rain had passed, the river had returned to its normal size and course, giving space for more fertile soil, new trees to grow around, and more new plantations." He dispersed the illusion shown in his hand and started walking around Leo with his hands behind his back, smiling when he saw the realization on the little boy's face.

technicly true ...

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