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I love writing, I love imagining, I absolutely adore those little ponies. They're just so CUTE!!! :3

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  • 1 week
    Update on my Situation

    I know the title sounds ominous and... I kinda did that on purpose. :raritywink:

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  • 79 weeks
    The future of this profile.

    Helloo my fellow bronies and pegasisters!

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  • 148 weeks
    The story continues!

    Frosty has now officially been unfrozen! Now, I will only take next week off and then the glorious quest of our most favourite necromancer-colt will continue!

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  • 165 weeks
    Ghost Chapter

    For everyone wondering, why there was an update notification when there was no update: I published the wrong chapter in the wrong story. Sorry everyone! and to those, who were quick enough to read it before I could delete it: That chapter belongs to 'That Time I conquered Equestria as a Colt'. If you liked it, check it out :P.

    Again, I'm verry sorry, guys. The unification of Markus and the girls will still have to wait a little.

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  • 167 weeks
    100 Followers! Yay.

    We have reached a hundred followers, my fellow Bronies and Pegasisters! I thank every single one of you for your support and yes, I know, that 100 Mark was likely reached a few days, maybe even a week ago, but I'd have to lie if I said that I regularly check on that. :twilightsheepish:
    Anyways, for this occasion, I went through my stories and looked through their relative success, so I could see what you guys liked the most. The results are... interesting.

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Update on my Situation · 10:17pm July 9th

I know the title sounds ominous and... I kinda did that on purpose. :raritywink:

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Im reading your story and i am curious as to whether Celestia will pull a Germany on the Griffons and let them have their independence back but given her reaction to them likely not.

I love your human in Equestria story. I hope you finish it because there aren't enough hie stories that are finished that don't turn the guy into a pony. I like how gave him 2 forms to use and made him immortal.

Comment posted by DazzlerMoon deleted Jun 20th, 2021
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