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I love writing, I love imagining, I absolutely adore those little ponies. They're just so CUTE!!! :3



Alexander, an intelligent, young man has seen enough. The way the world runs disgusts him and the decisions made seem to be outright wrong and thus he retreats to the realm of fantasy and fiction, until one day, a magical entity has a very tempting proposal....

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You have gained my attention !

If ya wanna fap, wait for the clops. (Coming soonTM) :twilightsmile:

Wait. If he has no reproductive organs then what's the clop gonna be?

Ok, some mixup on my part, there won't be a clop for Homo Draconis, but there will be one for E:TA

That being said, he still has a tail....

Is this a rewrite? it sounds very familiar, like I've read this before.

No it isn't. Maybe there's a similar story out there?

don't remember, just the last chapter sounds supper familiar, with them waiting behind a shield to die, then bam dragon to the rescue... Sounds so very familiar, was it inspired by another scene or something? Not that i'm trying imply anything! just got this huge deja vu thing going... .... yeah... ill shut up now

Re-read chapter 2. I basically just changed the setting a little

No i meant like a different story entirely... nevermind. i'm just going insane:pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by Lunar eclipse airsoft deleted Feb 17th, 2020

Yeah, sorry, not happening. We've reached the end of the planned story and I don't want to force new chapters, just because this story got a little attention. Also, with this story done, I can finally get back to writing on E:TA.

I am glad you decided to end there and not just have a long story that ends with you not finishing.

But if you made a sequel I would not be mad

Found this. I don't think that even Alex has a flame that will effect the dreaded typo.
being of pure whit hue [white ]

Really like the story.
Found these for you. The typo the only thing that can insert itself into a story between the intent to push the "publish" button and the action itself.
I got ripped out of my slumber by a sharp zap to my romp. [ rump ]
I looked at the mare in question, who was sighly [ slightly ] ??
Twilight felt numness overcome her body again [ numbness ]
waiting for the hod embrace of the flames. [ hot ]
I quickly regained my balance andprepared my glands [ needs a space ]

It feels....almost incomplete in a way, if that makes any sense?

Feels like you ran out of steam to write on it.

It's called an open-ended story. In case I have another period of cannot-work-syndrome, I can always just slap a sequel onto there.


I wouldn’t mind seeing this redone with the MC as a OP Dragon/human or Dragon/pony hybrid and ship him with one or more ponies XD

I read this comment, I kept it in mind... and the more I think about it, I like the idea. Might just do this whenever I'm done with season 1 of E:TA :twilightsmile:

P.S.: If I were to do this, I would most likely make it a mature story and include the clop-chapters directly into it :rainbowwild:

Hmmm I feel this story could’ve had more and that is did seem a little rushed but other then that it was a good story non the less and I like the fact how Equis’s god decided he was bored that’s a new one with it being male and all usually harmony or Faust is the god the MC talks to but this one has him depicted as the Christian god so it was enjoyable so thanks for the awesome read.

with a wingspan as wide as Sweet Apple Acres

so Alex is a Giant Dragon of Titanic proportions? cool, :P

"Eh, not likely. Like I said: Poison Immunity ."

Woulda been hilarious if u link the literal definition of immunity here lol

No i meant actually on the word

Like so: "Eh, not likely. Like I said: Poison Immunity"

You, sir, get a thumbs up and a star from me! Wish this could have been longer, but I can understand your reasons. Loving your other story as well, keeping it on tracking. Remember, Karma is Murphey's wife, and they love working together, so tread carefully...

See yah in the next one,

Please tell me he gets SOMETHING in between his legs, because. The King without Excalibur is just heartbreaking.

"Oh, you are a god? I don't suppose you are the god of the world I come from, are you? Else I would like to file a complaint, 'cause this world SUCKS, mate."

Of course another one of that type of people, yes cry how the world isn't how you want it to be or whatever because that would help

Especially it's coming from a guy who didn't care about reality and abandoned it for fiction

"Wow, not only do you give me a new chance in a new world with a frickin' cool new body, but you are also kind enough to give me a Tutorial? Damn, I like you already! Hey, can you please go over to my world's god again and tell him to ditch that crappy observer-bullshit and finally get some things straight?"

Fucking again

I mean let’s be honest here aside from the entertainment and food this world kinda sucks

He's a sheath without a sword

"Oh, I think, I've got just the perfect reward for you."


Now that’s what I call a flameing shit!

Not a bad short story, you have my approval on it.

I would lose that tag now. If I didn't read this notice I probably would have just skipped over it.

brilliant story a bit short for my liking and a few too many big loose end but the story, characters, setting and writing was over all good 8\10

He went Godzilla on the Wyvern.

Now, with a new odem, a sleeping mare on my back and a MASSIVE headache, I decided... ... that it was time to resume my nap.


I'd like to add some cultures to that list as well, there's good people and societies out there.

Well, it looks like this story is only taking itself as seriously as it has to, being a Truck spawned Isekai given unlimited power by a god of another world. I wonder how self aware it will get.

Ah, there's the balance.
"Skidaddle Skadoodle! Your Dick is Now A Noodle! Gone!"
Oh! Wait! No no, I've got a better one!
Not something to really embed on site, but it's a fantastic song. 1:30 ish is when you'll get it.

I live in a corporate oligarchy were workers are little more than slaves. Also known as America. This world sucks.

Our own government is FUNDING anti American terrorists. And America is arguably the best nation in the world

"Oh don't worry Alex, when I made your kind, I spent almost all of your stat points on making you OP, so that none went into your reproductive capabilities."

When he says "when I made your kind" does this imply that all dragons don't have reproductive organs? That wouldn't make much sense.

'your kind' refers specifically to albino elemental dragons

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