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Some of those I was thinking as well though Applejack in my version is just above being poor she is bottom of the middle class. Which will make some things easier for her future though some things won't be any better.

Well one....Have Twilight rip into Celestia for promising to be there for Sunset, and then epic failing her so badly.
For putting others above Sunset, more so when she wasn't the one destined to be the element of magic.

Secondly bitter sweet ending in this one. the damage is done, may take months if not years before Sunset trusts any of the girls or the school students.
Maybe Sunset goes back not wanting to be in Equestria or near a Alicorn who let her down so badly.
But she doesn't return to the school ether, she could maybe take a early graduation class or become home school.
Still like for Sunset to meet Sci Twi, becoming friends with her.
Have Granny Smith tear one in AppleJack as well for saying Sunset was family and then leaving Sunset behind so easily.

I also thinking maybe some of the girls get sued

Everyone chapter 2 is finished and I'm working on 3.

True but Anon-a-Miss will go down and chaos of more than one sort will follow. First will be a bunch of angry people and then things will be interesting as the magic causes chaos for everyone but possibly Applejack.

Well he is discord.

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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