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Looking toward it!

Sorry for the late reply. Fimfiction was being weird with notifications.

Can you write about Tulpas?


So, I’m sorry about my late comment but I found out about the comment you left on my story. I HAD no idea someone made a voiceover of my story! I’m literally shocked! Thank you for making this known to me!

Bloggs VonBlood

Please write a blog on how meaning needs to be felt, for it to be believed.

Hullo. A somewhat courtesy, but none-the-less heartfelt, thank you for taking the time to read Little Thoughts. Really appreciate that, and though it was undoubtedly a quick read, I hope you enjoyed it/them. :twilightsmile:. Have yourself a nice day/night.

According to Bad Horse, we both like Apple Bloom and math. We should be friends! :pinkiehappy:

B_25 #25 · Aug 6th, 2019 · · 1 ·

Good seeing you at the con my guy!

B_25 #24 · May 20th, 2019 · · 1 ·

You're still kicking around?

How goes it, bud?

B_25 #23 · May 5th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Would it be improper for me to inquire about everything you dislike about my writing and persona?

And you're a prime writer. I think that makes the two of us even, and maybe just a little odd.

B_25 #21 · May 5th, 2018 · · 1 ·

You are a smart fellow

B_25 #20 · May 4th, 2018 · · 1 ·

You seem like a smart fellow.

Comment posted by equestrian.sen deleted Feb 18th, 2018

Thank you for favoring my story. May I ask what you liked about it?

Just looking to chat for a bit.

I'm aight. What brings you here?

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