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Comment posted by equestrian.sen deleted February 18th

Thank you for favoring my story. May I ask what you liked about it?

Just looking to chat for a bit.

I'm aight. What bring you here?

Thanks for favoriting Kaleidoscope! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by equestrian.sen deleted Oct 22nd, 2016

Just enough to stalk them and avoid retaliation.

Clearly you know all the cool kids.

Comment posted by Darksonickiller deleted Apr 17th, 2014

Dear Equestrian Sen,

Thank you for playing a game of Chess with me. I'm glad we both had fun, no matter who the winner was, and I hope that we can sit down for another game sometime soon.

~ KR

(Thanks for the fave!)

Following because I've seen you around on Bad Horse's stuff for a while, and you seem cool, and ohmigod you can get data and that's so cool.

I'm a data nerd, okay?

Thanks for the fav

First one to be stalking you, that is.:ajsmug:

Silliness has visited upon thee.

Gee... who wrote that thing below me? That guy is weird.

Haha, back again for the watch and the favorite.



Hey, thanks a lot for favoriting...


what the...

no comment?


You see, Princess, what I learned today is, no matter how hard times can be, there are always people who love you. There are always people who cherish you. In this case, these people love and cherish your writings. Some kind fellow by the name of equestrian.sen showed me this kindness by favoriting my work, in turn making me a very happy pony. Upon visiting his/her page, I happened to notice that the comment section was bare. I would not stand for this. Not my fellow favoriters. So, what I did was, I wrote this really long letter on their page, displaying my kindness. I hope that it gave them something to smile about.

Hoping this gave you something to smile about,


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