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Red book of miracles · 1:35pm Oct 19th, 2019

I thought I'd post this song by Rowan Tower. It's in Russian, here is my attempt to translate the lyrics:

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1915363 Somehow I missed your message as well.
I saw some of your comments in other people's blog(s) (probably Ghost of Heraclitus's one; I guess it was in May, or maybe in June), and I liked them. So I checked your blog, and it looked interesting to me.

When did you start following me? How did I miss that?
Is there a particular reason for that?

I get a nice tickly feeling from being followed. Thank you for your interest! :raritystarry:

Yeah, I should have been more consistent with formatting in my comments.

What? The bit about the unicorns raising and lowering the sun and moon is the object of the verb "allows". Multiple grammar and style guides bear me out. *shrug* This may be a regional thing.

...or are you saying I wrote "we"? Argh.

Oh, dear, sweet Luna, I did. /)_<

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