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Meetup this Friday in Redwood City, CA · 2:36am Oct 17th, 2017

What this guy said: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/767534/meetup-this-friday-in-redwood-city-ca. I'm posting this here on the chance that you're more likely to join if you see it twice.

Bad Horse, GaPJaxie, horizon, and I will be getting together at a Denny's in Redwood City (near San Francisco) at 7PM PT this Friday October 20th. If you like ponies, you're welcome to join us! Awkwardness is expected.

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A Young Author’s Illustrated Primer (to Category Theory) · 8:36am Jan 2nd, 2017

Two months ago.

I'm realizing that this might be too abstract a tool to expect anyone to get it after a blog series, or even after several months of study.

It's a language for describing things more conducive to intuitive reasoning. The problem is that if I apply it to anything, everyone's first reaction is going to be that I just retrofitted the solution (the language) to the example, regardless of whether or not such a belief even makes sense in this context.

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