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    Teaching, the obvious, and so on · 5:14am March 24th

    I have been writing MLP fanfiction for four years now. I never thought it would be how I would spend...any amount of my time, but it has been a lot of fun somehow. Unfortunately, I wasn't very good at it - a familiar condition, and one I knew how to work through, mostly by working through it.

    I have rarely if ever experienced continuous improvement in any task but rather discrete jumps. Just two or three weeks ago I experienced a pretty major jump in my ability to write, which was basically the realization that stories need a main character with a motivation who faces a conflict.

    It is, of course, literally the first thing you learn if you ask someone what a story needs, but it is one thing to say it and another thing to get it. Which itself is one of the first things you learn if you have ever tried to teach a subject, but it is one thing to say it and another thing to get that as well.

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    No, just a silly joke about how Silver Glow's account is very much not textbook. I should try to be more clear.

    2433191 Oh, dear. Has a joke gone over my head because I'm not actually an economics student?


    A joke, sorry. It's a fine story.

    2432707 A textbook account?

    I must confess I'm not quite sure what you mean by that word choice. Do you mean that you at first mistook the story for being an entry in a hypothetical textbook, or that the story itself was textbook, that somewhat confusing slang word?

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