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A dude who should write more.

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trash.demo Chapter 5 (Whisky Saga) is 100% done. Needs Prereading and editing though. Chapter 6 (The Cell) is 32% done.

I am also working two oneshots for Fallout Equestria, one called Murderface. Hopefully it will be funny. It will probably just be embarrassing.

Other more longterm FE stories are gestating and I am ready to write a prequel to trash.demo (A comedy called 'You remember that time...?') when it's predecessor is finally finished.

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By the way, thank you for following me! :twilightsmile:

Hey, did you know that science has proven that favoriting Bon Bon Dies at the End makes you an estimated 50%-60% more physically attractive?

May I also say that in my own scientific opinion that it shows? :raritywink:

Science is a beautiful thing :twilightsmile:

1147233 Sweet, I'm glad you liked it!


Honestly I had sort of assumed I already followed you and just realized I didn't. But for the sake of your question let's chalk it up to The Ghost I guess.

More trash.demo when my exams are done. And I finish two short stories I gotta write by the end of the week. And when I finally stop procrastinating and just finish those last damn 500 words. Soooo Monday maybe? (If it makes you feel any better I did manage to write a play during the downtime, so I wasn't completely useless.)

An Apple Studded Diamond. And the fact that your writing is pretty quality.

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