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Token Canadian blogpony for EQD and friendly soul. EQD Pre-Reader wrangler, if you have issues with them pm me here or reply to the email. :twilightsmile:

Things I wrote

There, I wrote things, you can all get off my case. These all link directly to the chapter in question.

Hooves History co-written with Totallynotabroy and Super_Big_Mac From "More Dreams" by Totallynotabrony

Sheepish Talk inspired by in Never the Final Word Collection, edited by Horizon

This Our Tiny Horses: Friendship is Sanctioned by the State Helped write a couple letters



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Stories by authors who are clearly not brainwashed. Honest.


Plum made a discord... · 1:06am June 17th

I think he regrets it...

P.S. I totally need art of this.

The incredi-aweso-mazing things senpai has done pour moi.

Bookplayer apparently thinks I'm worth reblogging and discussing.
When I finally gave into peer pressure and wrote a story, Horizon immediately convinced me to add it to "Never the Final Word"
Then Present Perfect reviewed it.
Jedi Master Ed wrote me into a filk.
I discovered I was not only shipped with pterrogrine, but got fanart of said ship.
Razalon the lizardman (being a wonderful reptilian fellow) wrote me a really cute sweet story.
Twifight Sparkill wrote me into a really amusing comic.
MrNumbers wrote be a silly story about Battle Lederhosen.
I indirectly helped Majin Syeekoh get on the RCL i'm the one he's referencing in the inspiration comment. Btw, the story is really cute no matter what he says.
Aragon used me as a character on his blog (Inasmuch as he used my chat log without editing.)

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I swear I will not oh Glorious Mother. o7


... I am Twifight Sparkill#3758 on Discord.



2449603 No problem at all n_n Just a misunderstanding.

2449580 I didn't mean it terms of editing them. I meant in terms of reading them when you can. My apologizes.

2448738 I just said I don't work on sadfics and all you have is sadfics >.< i'm sure they're good though, I'm just not the right person to look at them. :twilightsheepish:

2449444 Absolutely! More ferrets is always fantastic.

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