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Tavern, Rewrites, and Updates · 5:53am Jun 22nd, 2016

The last blog post I wrote on Fimfic was in 2014.

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Comment posted by Pelzi deleted Sep 16th, 2014

Oh gosh, that profile picture. If that ever happened, I'd A: fall of my chair in shock B: start laughing and C: try to work out how she got in my keyboard.
Could you send me a link please?

Comment posted by Lysis deleted Mar 16th, 2014

902202 To be completely honest, I am a bit internally relieve that you 'pestered' Dawn enough to finish the final chapter. It was rewarding and satisfying.

901732 , I knew he could do it if he focused on it long enough.

I'll make sure to pester him to get that epilogue out soon, too. It shouldn't take long. I think you'll all find it... nostalgic? Yeah, that's a good word! Nostalgic. You'll see what I mean when you read it.

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