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Tavern, Rewrites, and Updates · 5:53am Jun 22nd, 2016

The last blog post I wrote on Fimfic was in 2014.

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Report Lysis · 168 views · Story: In a Tavern, Down by the River ·

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  • The Elements of Style An otherwise normal day for Pinkie is rudely interrupted when she begins hearing a voice that narrates everything she says and does. Literary criticism ensues. by Lysis 0 words · 0 views
  • Greyfeather Short description to come. by Lysis 2,713 words · 428 views
  • Good Evening, Vinyl Scratch She opens the front door with hardly a sound, tiptoes quietly down the hall. As she nears the bed, her silhouette is outlined by the pale moonlight shining through the window. She pauses just long enough to tug off her little pink bow tie. by Lysis 1,328 words · 318 views · 18 likes · 0 dislikes
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Comment posted by Pelzi deleted Sep 16th, 2014

Oh gosh, that profile picture. If that ever happened, I'd A: fall of my chair in shock B: start laughing and C: try to work out how she got in my keyboard.
Could you send me a link please?

Comment posted by Lysis deleted Mar 16th, 2014

902202 To be completely honest, I am a bit internally relieve that you 'pestered' Dawn enough to finish the final chapter. It was rewarding and satisfying.

901732 , I knew he could do it if he focused on it long enough.

I'll make sure to pester him to get that epilogue out soon, too. It shouldn't take long. I think you'll all find it... nostalgic? Yeah, that's a good word! Nostalgic. You'll see what I mean when you read it.

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