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Longtime fic author for other series, father of two, and I enjoy MLP:FiM with my whole family.

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You guys must like tacos · 7:30pm Oct 22nd, 2014

100+ likes on Taking Another Career Option (henceforth: T.A.C.O.) in under a week leads me to believe this blog entry's title is true. Here I was worried folks would take exception to my writing an Equestria Girls story, or even my jumping on the "Sonata loves tacos" bandwagon. But no, turns out you guys just rock! Thanks so much for the support, as always it is appreciated and humbles me that so many of you find enjoyment in one of my stories.

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where did you go!!! finish your story. we are all waiting

So, you a real DJ? Cuz I'd be way down with that.

dj lowrider your profile pic looks awsome :yay:

Source pic: http://www.derpibooru.org/5446
UC77 is one of my favorite pony artists.

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