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A discussion between Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle about faith vs. science leads Twilight to tell Rainbow about the stallion who introduced her to science when she was just a filly, and who forever changed how she looks at the world around her. This fic is inspired by the artwork of the same name drawn by Esuka.

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The man could talked his way out of celestia's wrath...wow. Nice story loved the start and it explained Dash's element of loyalty and I was hooked from the start.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Carl Sagan, rest in peace.

Huh. One one hand, Pony Sagan is quite relevant to my interests. But on another, I much prefer it when Equestria has its own cosmology, and doesn't try to splice in stuff from our universe.

Wow, that was really good. This so one of my faves. And I love the name of the story, it really fits.

Keep it up! :twilightsmile:

Sparkle Writer

Dr. Haygan? :pinkiegasp:

Carl Sagan. :heart::rainbowkiss:

Mixed feelings about this story. Not the concepts or the characters. Just the fact that seems to unnecessarily contradict canon in getting it's message across.
It is canon that the princesses, and before them the unicorns, control the movements of the sun and moon.
It is also not canon that Luna controls anything more then the advent of night and the moon. I don't recall anywhere it being implied that she creates the stars as well. Twilight's astronomy would definitely suggest she does not. That is merely a fandom conceit.
I would almost suggest that this requires the "Alternate Universe" tag.

One of my favorite things about the show is how well the forces of magic, science, and innate ability, can so seamlessly coexist. The world has an almost science-fiction level of theoretical commentary buried in it's whimsical appearing structure and infrastructure.
In a world where science, magic, and what would be considered by us as superhuman abilities, have always coexisted, they will always continue to coexist. There would never be any need for contested beliefs, because there would never be that veil of faith behind which magic lies. The only remaining barrier would be superstition, that which is simply not understood, rather than that which is asserted without genuine truth.

An excellent science story! :twilightsheepish:

I think that the reason this story seems to resonate with so many people is it's applicability to our lives. The debate between faith and science is still going strong, and so many people are looking for the truth in so many places. This is the best kind of story- the kind that makes you contemplate life, truth, and the universe. :pinkiesmile:

1229153 It is somewhat implied that Luna has some powers regarding the stars. In the premier, the stars "aided in her escape".


Most people view that as a veiled metaphor for Twilight freeing Luna drom NMM.

Twi's cutie mark is stars.

4507346 Really? Cause I was referring to the scene where the four stars went into/behind the moon, and then the image of the image pf the mare disappeared. That seemed pretty literally the stars aiding her escape.


Those stars were very big. It could have been a planitary alignment, or some magical sattelites, a part of the imprisonment spell collapsing, or keys Celestia herself used to free her sister. Or just a thoughtless visual effect the animators included to make the scene cooler looking.

The theories abound and none of that matters.

The point of my comment was to point out the level of author tract in play awkwardly forcing these themes and debates into a setting where they are no longer relevant unless you alter the setting itself to make them relevant.

Is it weird that I picture Haygan as Morgan Freeman?

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