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After Rainbow Dash accidentally says the wrong two words to exactly the wrong unicorn, she learns a lesson about the power of language -- in more than one way.

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Well now that was really very amusing.

Murdocks... :twilightsmile:

Oh, Rainbow Dash. :facehoof:

I hate those Unicorn Rights groups. Do you know how many Unicorns actually live below the poverty line? Six. Exactly six.

Ahh.. that was some good satire.

and last time I checked, 2 of them are crazy ponies living in caves.

Estee #7 · Jun 25th, 2013 · · 1 ·


And Trixie's the third...

2773207 Really, if there's any group that needs an equal rights movement, it's Thestrals. People only notice them whenever somebody gets murdered. They always get blamed for it, and they never actually do anything.

It's hard to believe that Dash would use that wording. I would have use the words impaling, harpooning, attempting to pin the tail on the pony, and horned proctologist visit.

:trollestia: Vs. the racism troll. Princess Sunnybutt for the win. All I can say about the land-swooper slur, DEATH FROM ABOVE.

Heh, oh that was CLEVER. I rather enjoyed this.

Very well done, mate, very well done.

~Skeeter The Lurker

nice story

So, this fic. It was...

And I, uh, like something. Something is my favorite.

Okay, okay, more seriously. Some of Dash's meandering thoughts were pretty funny. And the way Rarity seeped into her subconscious like that was clever indeed. Admittedly, Dash's thought process did said meandering perhaps a bit too much. And I found myself skimming through the walls of digressing text here and there.

The sensationalist insanity was... not my favorite. At all. Everyone is always so quick to make people leap on others and join into moronic riots. But... I guess that Dash is a celebrity, when you get down to it, people are utter idiots when it comes to them. So I can forgive it.

Also helping said forgiveness was the ending press conference. I couldn't help but laugh, out loud, at work, while reading it. It was probably one of the best bits of devious, Trollestia mastermindery I've ever seen. It was utter perfection.


Blueblood is technically number 4, as he official owns no property for tax purposes.

(I don't get land-swooper either...)

2776219 Technically that would make Miss Sunnybutt #1, for only taking one bit a year in compensation and having given away all of her personal holdings a thousand years ago. Of course that does make it difficult to purchase an ice-cream cone ... :trollestia:
2773100 (Luna has a slightly larger bank account than her sister)

Wow. I have never before seen a Celestia who could be so closely compared to Vetinari. Seriously, that was some good satire. Make more like this.

Not in this story, this one's fine as is. But write more like this.

Took me a little to realize what was wrong with Canterlot Unicorns Negating Traditional Swears, but when I did, I couldn't stop laughing.

That was AWESOME. Take a follower:pinkiehappy: and RD's:rainbowhuh::rainbowderp::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild::rainbowwild: many RD's:rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2:

Good story on political correctness. Keep at 'em, eh?

I liked this

Heh, Murdocks. Love the dig at Fox there.

she never got the book.

hmmm well at least i dont have to get shot gun.and Unicorn Rights groups can go and die!that some bullshit.

I don't understand. Do tell? :pinkiesad2:

2778423 It's Acronym translates into C.U.N.... You get the rest.

Fics like this are why you awe me.

Can I use your new word? I would love to try it in my fan fics.:twilightsmile:

Poor RD. And that's the reality of things. We can say things that we don't consider personal or an attack at all, but to the people we're SAYING IT to, we're being bigots through and through.

Canterlot Unicorns Negating Traditional Swears......

I see what you did there!

You know this is the first story I've read that talks about racism against unicorns. Usually it's against earth ponies or pegasi. This was very good and pretty funny. I loved the twist. My respect for Celestia went up here.

Celestia is always Vetinari.

Comment posted by CWi deleted Apr 6th, 2022

Warning: racist, sexist comment ahead. Read at your own risk.
Reminds me of African American Liberals and Feminazis. I like it.
I LOVED that acronym and white-knighting is for faggots.

"Murdocks" being a reference to what, exactly? I know from other posts it refers to something about Fox News... and it's ever so clever and witty to call Fox News "biased", because unsubstantiated claims and accusations are cool and all the cool kids are doing it... but "Murdock," what specifically does that refer to?

Murdocks... I totally see what you did there, and I fucking love it. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm racist against Unicorns, but for some reason, I like Rarity and Twilight.... maybe I just hate magic. Someone aid me in my confusion.

Dude, bias? Fox news is all about sensationalism, and that's exactly the context in which it's being used here. I don't think anybody can credibly claim that Fox is anything but the undisputed kind of sensationalism.

I have only one thing to say about this story, Estee...

Are goooooood.

2779471 Murdock is the name of the guy behind it, who is unfortunately an Australian (I say this as an Australian myself) who owns 75% of Australia's news media. He has enormous power and is biased as hell. I'm studying journalism, trust me, it comes up and we look at it in-depths. Those who are on his side don't say he's not biased, just say that there's nothing wrong with it since he can do what he wants with what he owns.

In other news: this is a very enjoyable story, well written and everything. I love how Rainbow Dash talks about Celestia's presence when talking one-on-one, amusing and really quite understandable. It might take longer, but it certainly sounded like the sort of thing that can be wiped up when the media decides to do so. Bravo so Sir/Madam, a fine work.


*AHem* The pegasus you see before clears his throat just as he took a sip from his glass of water, flapping his wings at his sides to get a gentle breeze in, he spoke. "Allow me to explain. You claim that you are racist against unicorns however you like Rarity and Twilight, though you admit you just don't like magic, to aid you in your confusion, sir is quite simple really. You see, you're not really racist against Unicorns, in fact I think you like them all the same as Earth Ponies and Pegasi, the reason for your 'racism' against them would have to be because you are distrustful of magic. Magic is an unknown it allows the unicorn to do things others can not and even bend the laws of physics, this unknown is what makes you cautious and antagonistic of Unicorns because of not what they are but of what they COULD do. I hope that helps~!" He smiles.

2779712 I appreciate that, it does help.

Turned the tables so fast and unseen it wasn't even noticed until the trick had been run. LIEK A BAWS.


Um, not to put too fine a point on it, but aren't you the same person who wrote this?

I mean, it's okay if you're not. And that was a long time ago. It's just that it looks like you said the exact same sort of thing.

2773100 Which six? I'm confused

Loki #47 · Jun 26th, 2013 · · 5 ·

2777545 Except that Vetinari would never, ever call himself a prince. Mostly because it wouldn't be right, but also because his chief of police has a bit of regicidity running in the family.

He's also smarter. And better looking. Celestia also doesn't have a goatee, which I always thought was the biggest design flaw in the entire show. Well, except for that silly alicorn thing.

Masterfully told. :twilightsmile:

Just got into my favorites list. excellent concept and execution.

This is awesome! :pinkiehappy: Very well tought out and very well written. And most of all, both satiric and funny.

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