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...ain't nopony gonna sleep. Not while she's trying to manage the usually-automatic feat while within her first-ever bout of insomnia...

...and given that it's Rainbow trying to work this out, probably not even after.

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I love this characterization of Rainbow Dash.

"-- you want me -- to reach into a pony body -- creating an overload of fatigue poisons in every single cell from a starting point of absolutely nothing -- while simultaneously not just overriding the brain's natural cycle, replacing it -- and you think that's going to be easy?"

Well, Twilight, you've catalyzed hair growth in a species that has no follicles, created fully functional animal-plant hybrids accidentally, and managed to soothe a giant star bear, Also, you figured out a friend's signature spell in a matter of seconds, and the "Want-It Need-It" spell demonstrates that mind-affecting magics are definitely in the unicorn purview. So to answer your question, yes. A spell that sidesteps the biochemistry and just tells the brain "sleep" seems like it shouldn't be that hard for you.

Okay, enough addressing purple unicorns. Seeing inside Dash's mind is always fascinating. Well, your takes on the characters always have interesting perspectives, but Dash especially. I think a lot of it is the third-person narrator bridging the disconnect between the pegasus and reality, noting everything she doesn't.
In any case, you did a very good job with the kind of logic that only works for the very tired, the very drunk, or both. And I love how loyal Dash is to her pillow. It has served her well.

Thank you for another great story. And "you threw me out the window before you could tell me what 'defenstrate' means" is just unfairly funny.

Oh, Rainbow Dash. :facehoof:

"Twilight? Come on, Twilight, let me back in! Just for a minute! You didn't tell me what 'defenestration' meant before you threw me out the window! I need to use the dictionary!"


Rainbow had learned how to shape her field into an arrow meant to pierce the heart of the impossible.

This may be better, though. I dunno. The first line was awesome, but this line is awesome.

Honestly, it kind of was Twilight's fault, to a small degree at least. Dash is a bit of a force of nature, you really need to be careful about which direction you point her in.

Rainbow will be tied up and put on display for public humiliation just like Rarity and Twilight were those times.

This is bloody beautiful. Bravo, just bravo.

I follow you for good reasons, Estee. This story is another of them.

"...pierce the heart of the impossible." By Luna, I teared up at that one. Beautiful!

Thanks for another great ride.

Light and laughter,

Why is insomniac Rainbow Dash suddenly my headcanon? Hmm...
Good story, mate. I quite enjoyed it.:ajsmug:

Oh man hiliarious! XD espectionly the parts with rainbow and twilight!

Rainbow Dash being loyal to her favorite pillow? So true to character.

And the line about the arrow piercing the heart of the impossible? A great summarization of her drive and reckless ambition. I've been rewatching TTGL, and it's remarkable how well Rainbow Dash would get along with, say, Kamina.

This was a delightfully cute story, so Rainbow.

So many authors focus on the cocky and narcissistic traits that Rainbow all but stains to be known for. The cute, curious, and silly side of her personality needs more exploration. Rainbow gives you a kissyface for raising the quota: :rainbowkiss:

Fluttershy, who was up anyway tending to nocturnals, traded fainting coach for improvised fortress couch.

couch or coach? (She'd make a good fainting coach.)
Keeping ponies up all night is so toootally un-rainbow, Dash! :rainbowhuh:


:facehoof: There's always one more typo... thankee: fixed.

Oh man, Jerk!Rainbow and Grumpy!Twilight just bounce off each other. See this? Write more of this.

But for you of all ponies to come up with the other part... it's brilliant!"
"Thank you."
"So why didn't you just tell me that in the first place?"

Sympathetic rage. Every single time someone asks me my advice because "I'm the smart one", and I have to explain it three times with increasing simplicity and they still don't get it? This.:twilightangry2:

Rainbow had learned how to shape her field into an arrow meant to pierce the heart of the impossible.

I wouldn't follow that train of though, Dash. Next thing you know you'll be kicking reason to the curb, and you just know Twilight won't stand for that. :facehoof:

"The Princess said it's all your fault!"

"And you're tardy!"

Estee #20 · Apr 4th, 2014 · · 1 ·


Endlessly loyal. Loving in ways which take a while to get used to and generally leave the recipient as a disoriented mess.

Has exactly two gears: all-out energy burn charge and total crash. Does not understand why you are not in the same mode at the same time. Never will.

Cannot be left in the same area with openly-exposed food. Ever.

Attention over here! Come on! You are doing something that isn't paying attention! Why? What could ever be more important?

Will not make the connection between doing something wrong and punishment unless the correction is delivered within seconds of the infraction. Even then, multiple repetitions may be necessary. And that's just to register that punishment is coming, because 'I did bad?' will never get through.

Capable of more cheerful destruction than a SEAL team on holiday.

Play! Play! Why doesn't anyone want to play? C'mon, play!

Just when you think you've got the rules broken in, you will come home to find an impact crater where your living room used to be and an expression which works out to 'Oh, that? Someone else. Play?'


...oh, sorry. I was thinking of a ten-month old Chow puppy. Carry on. :raritywink:

111... Three ones, all in a row. What a lovely number of upthumbs.
It sure would be a shame if someone were to ruin it.:pinkiecrazy:

Lol this was awesome!!!:rainbowlaugh: it was also hilarious! I loved it Thank you for an awesome story!

What's sad is that I had one of those nights last night and I decided to bother my cat instead. He didn't say much, but he gave me a dirty look come 4:45 AM when I tried to get him to stay in my bed for what had to be the 5th time.

So RD-sympathy achieved. :rainbowlaugh:

and all the ads are pillow ads.....

I love it! Side-splittingly funny throughout. :D

I especially liked Rainbow's way of shocking Twilight into waking up. She's a cruel, cruel pony to pull that one on a friend - sure, it was only for a few seconds, but you just know that during that time poor Twilight's whole universe lay in ruins and ashes! ;)

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I don't know what the Triptych Continuum is, but if this story is anything to go by, I'm going to like it!

A foreleg came up and, with deliberate slowness, flung imaginary issues to the side. Most of them stuck to the hoof.

I do so enjoy your style of writing.

I was startled in laughing out loud, really loudly. XD Nice.


This feels a lot more like the show's Original Flavor than most of the Continuum so far.

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This is just plain hilarious. Adorable ending.

"Twilight? Come on, Twilight, let me back in! Just for a minute! You didn't tell me what 'defenestration' meant before you threw me out the window! I need to use the dictionary!"


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