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Celestia wants to get into her throne room.

A kindergartener wants her to prove she's actually Celestia first.

(A stand-alone, no prior-reading-necessary part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group: new members and trope edits are welcome. )

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Cover art by EquesTRON.

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How hard can it be to convince a kindergartener?

Oh dear.

In declaration of absolute victory, "Everypony knows Princess Celestia doesn't have a mommy!"


"A little," Celestia admitted.


Thanks for the new word, "chalazae."

Adorable. Though if Nexima is number four, I have to wonder who lucky number three is, and how that information came to them.

Also, Celestia's definitely going to want to look into the Protoceran curriculum. As if gossip weren't bad enough, imagine what it's like to have mythology about you crop up without being aware of it...

Oh, and awesome take on changeling magic. Very fitting.

What's the story/book that inspired that extremely slow-paced book?

And how did you learn "chalazae"?!

Oh god they're reading 50 shades of neigh.
That is amazing.

6290260 For some reason I think it might be the Equestrian version of "Fifty Shades of Gray," (Fifty Shades of Neigh?) but I don't actually know what that book is about beyond the obvious, so I could be way off.

The rumor is that Luna is made out of burnt egg? Well, that's... huh... something? Congrats, Princess of the Night!

But no, never underestimate small kids. They're naïve, but clever!

That was excruciatingly adorable. Forget the potentially embarrassing book gotcha, Celestia loves her subjects and will do what it takes for them to be fulfilled.

We need a Nicole Oliver impersonator to do a reading of this.

This was so good already with the set-up, but that last line moved this into amazing territory. She got Luna too! That's just fantastic. :rainbowlaugh:

And I loved that little bit about Celestia's mom, and little Nexima's reaction/subsequent explanation. A good ol' feels/funny combo.

...less supposed skin wound those it touched.

"...lest supposed skin wounded those it touched."

I'm still reading but this is very cute so far.

Hm. I wonder what Princess Cadence is made out of....

Is that 50 Shades of Neigh? :duck:

Good story!

Estee #13 · Aug 6th, 2015 · · 1 ·


I hid #3.

It's not in the story. But it's already been written down in semi-sight, and I wrote that down today. If you seek, you might find. Just look for the newest title...

(And if you understandably hate it when someone pulls this mysterious tease stuff because I despise when someone pulls it on me, it's going to be up, stated openly, in a story update pretty soon.)

I think I put this view of changeling magic down in a blog post reply somewhere, and there's a hint of it in the (very non-canon, whatever that means for fanfic) bed chapter when Chrysalis can't manage to fool touch. I just wanted to keep actual shapechanging as close to impossible as I could. (It was also a chance to state that Luna was using illusions on that one Nightmare Night -- and that for the overall category of such magic, Celestia has no real talent.)

imagine what it's like to have mythology about you crop up without being aware of it...


(I was trying to think of a really stupid creation myth. And did I ever just set myself up...)


Truthfully, I remembered that there was a formal name, but I had to look up the spelling.


The local version thereof, yes.


Fixed the first one: left the second alone. It doesn't seem to be scanning as that tense. Probably just me...


Hm. I wonder what Princess Cadence is made out of....

Ask Shining Armor.

Then duck.

6290511 I don't think ducking will help much. I don't think a flock of ducking will help. Maybe some geese, and a few swans...

6290511 Perhaps the tenses don't have to match in this case. Also, I like your idea that Luna is a powerful illusionist. It makes sense with her being the mistress of dreams; she deals with magic of the mind. And since Trixie is also an illusionist and has a moon-related cutie mark... it makes me wonder if Trixie could be a descendant of hers. I've often wondered who Blueblood is descended from in order to be a great x 27 grand nephew of Celestia. Unless she has another sister or brother, then Luna has to have had children, no?

So maybe Trixie and Blueblood are related and don't know it, which makes for an interesting twist on the Bluelamoon ships... hmm... *writing noises*

This reminds me of so many conversations with my daughter...


This was so good already with the set-up, but that last line moved this into amazing territory. She got Luna too! That's just fantastic. :rainbowlaugh:

Which means she was trolling her, because she could have just asked her what her mummy's name was, she'd know now, unless Luna and Celestia are half sibs or not actually sisters.

I have written a review of this story.

It can be found here.

Or she could have asked her who her father was... :trollestia:

This was at least 19 kinds of adorable. :twilightsmile:

are they reading 50 sheds of hay?


6290511's phrasing is correct, because "lest" is a conjunction which refers to the intention of preventing whatever is described by the following clause. "Lest supposed skin wound those it touched", is describing the prevention of a potential future event which has yet to occur, whereas the past-tense "wounded" would be describing a event which had already occurred.

6290946 English is so divinely complicated, isn't it? Thank you.

6290970 thankyou, thankyou, I'm here all week :rainbowlaugh: *bows*

The story mostly flows pretty well, with a little bit of comedy behind the "Awww, aren't you so adorable little one." But then that whole three long paragraphs of exposition on how to spot a disguised changeling really moves the story off-topic for a while, when it could be cut down to a few lines basically saying "Changelings didn't really transform but had an illusion, and water would splash through the holes in their legs"

This was hilarious
I can so see this happening

That was so funny and adorable.

All Hail Princess Egglestia!


...in the unlikely event of this becoming a full meme, I'd just like to apologize to the world in advance.

Whoa! :rainbowderp:

61 to 113! Thumbs up nearly have been doubled!:pinkiehappy:

One of these days I'm going to get around to reading Triptych proper, it's in my "Read Later" list but... just haven't felt up to reading it yet. I am looking forward to the promised updated for A Mark Of Appeal though.

This was a cute little story about a cute little filly, with some nice world building woven into the threads.

<<Insert Thor "Another!" meme image here>>

I think one of the purposes of this story were to explain how changeling magic worked in this verse, so, no, I don't think it can be shortened any more than it is. It was a rather well done exposition dump in my opinion and didn't really detract or call out too much attention to itself when I read the story.

6291303 Apology eggcepted :trollestia:

Why do I get the feeling that the next time the sisters argue there are going to be "burnt egg" comments...

And now, with her duties for the day concluded but for the final one, she could take the chance on seeing worse yet again, which given the way the text had basically been declining by the line, meant Chapter 7.

So that's where the story hit literary bankruptcy, eh?

Grats on topping the featured story box!

You can haz cover artz. :pinkiehappy:


6290511 (I was trying to think of a really stupid creation myth. And did I ever just set myself up...)

Creation myths tend to reflect the cultures who came up with them. It's no surprise that the Norse version involved Odin and his bros killing the crap out of a huge giant and making the world out of his corpse.


<<Insert Thor "Another!" meme image here>>

Okie Dokie Lokie! :pinkiehappy:

Wait until they get to the current book that's simply called "Grey" when they find out what's in his head: candy and singing sensation Chip Skylark.

Very funny and very adorable. You get the clever unreasonableness of young kids exactly correct with Nexima.

Egg?!? EGG?!? What the hay are they teaching fillies these days?! Everypony knows that princesses are pancake.

That was actually really great.

Having cared for Kindergarteners in great herds before I can safely say that only two kinds of people are impossible to convince: small children and lunatics.

Is it weird that the egg theory makes sense.?

It's not always easy to track the source and cause of downvotes. But based on the reddened reactions to a few of the comments, I think I can safely say that at least a single -1 is due to someone being offended over the twinging treatment of Fifty Shades Of Grey. And to that person, let me just say this:

Be really, really glad I decided not to go see Fantastic Four tonight.

Because that sadly non-invisible stretch of a script would have been pounded into gravel and set on fire.


I haz updatedz an sez tanks.


My new bio line may become "Guaranteeing at least three paragraphs of unnecessary exposition per story or your money back."


Do not encourage the Internet.


Seriously. Don't encourage it.


Y'all do understand what "Critical mass" means in this context? We are one image away from...

...oh dear gawds don't let anyone post a Cegglestia image.


"You're probably lying, but I can't afford to take the chance that you aren't."

I thought it'd end like this:
Luna? How do you like your eggs?:trollestia:
Still very adorable. X3

6293108 If I were any good at art. Ah well.
Of course, this was cute and funny and far too sweet. So good job. But! I was saddened because of the title, and a mysterious lack of large steps being taken.

It seems like one of the new trends for writing to appeal to the generic masses is to have generic, wooden characters and a generic non-plot with sex and occasionally some violence too, but not actually anything which might startle the precious readers. Like actual character development, or someone, good heavens, using common sense and being reasonable. Not looking anywhere specific, mind you. Definitely not Twilight, and Fifty Shades of Grey. Definitely not.
I haven't seen the newest Fantastic Four yet, nor heard much about it, but I will take your rather understandable reaction under advisement.

And because I completely forgot to, insert a generic egg pun somewhere in there. Something groan worthy.

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