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When the Element-Bearers are summoned to a mission, somepony has to fill in for their day jobs while they're gone. In Fluttershy's case, that pony is Snowflake, and has been for nearly two years. While he can't bring the talents of her mark to the job, he can keep the cottage running steadily until she gets back --

-- with one lapine exception.

It's Snowflake vs. Angel Bunny. And the rabbit has the edge.

(This story takes place starting just after Chapter 4 in Triptych.)

Part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group. New members and trope edits welcome.

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Loved it! Not enough people use Snowflake. Snowflake is awesome. Do you mind if I use some bits and pieces of your background for him in my own fic? It works every well and fits my head canon. Though in mine, he sticks with the Wonderbolts.

Some nice ideas in here, like the caps, the origin story, his odd bond with Fluttershy. But this one's kind of info-dumpish.

You’ve quickly become one of my favourite authors. I think that with this one I’ve now got a full third of your stories in my favourites and more than three‐quarters up‐thumbed. Apart from that I can’t think of much to say that Seether00 did not do so already.

…was the “vine cat” loosely based upon the D&D displacer beast, or is the passing resemblance mere coincidence?

Wow. That was really great.

how did this get Featured with such (relatively) little reception?

Very lovely and interesting piece. It gets a bit telly in spots, so much of it seems to just be Snowflake thinking without much physical expression or reaction or mention of other characters or background. I love the idea that Snowflake handles the animals so well but I feel like he really doesn't understand Fluttershy. He constantly goes on about how frail and delicate she is and never seems to acknowledge how amazingly strong she is. I think because he only talks about her burden and how much she must struggle and such it really makes him sound like he doesn't really know her despite his feeling of kinship, it comes across as decidedly one-sided.

As well the thing with Angel doesn't feel like it gets any sort of conclusion. There's no acknowledgement between them about whether it's a truce or hes gained any more respect from Angel. My only other big grips is the earring thing. It's very aggressive considering Angels antics up til then are focused simply on annoying Snowflake but this is aggressively him trying to harm him. It comes out of nowhere and feels very off.

Honestly for all my criticisms this is a beautiful story and I really do think it's amazing and a wonderful display of your incredible talents. The animals feel very natural and accurate and how they act and behave really hammers home the fact that these are wild animals.


This story takes place starting just after Chapter 4 in Triptych

Sooo... I have to read that in order to understand what's going on.

Too bad... this sounds quite hilarious, but if I have to read another fanfic to understand this, I'm not interested... Sorry about that.

Surprisingly enough, no, you don’t really need to have read that to understand this.

3121525 Oh, okay.

And maybe it's just be, but the description makes it sound like quite the hilarious story, but there's no comedy tag...

Eh, whatever. I think this'll just go into my ever-growing Read Later list for now.

Mmmm... Let's see.

On the positive side, it was an interesting read. The events were nicely plotted, Snowflake was very much relatable and a character to root for, the tie-ins to Five Hundred Little Murders gave added dimension to the story. Angel being antagonistic beyond tolerance, only for that redemption route to go on in the end. Everything was interesting, and on that front alone this counts as a good story.

However, I came quite close to skimming by the time he started cleaning. While the information presented was interesting, it was also that - info on Snowflake's background, the background of the activity, the details of this and that... I felt that you could have gone a bit lighter in terms of content to make reading smoother. Not in terms of balancing action vs thought, because upon reflection that was done well, but maybe just cutting short occasional paragraphs.

All in all, this was very nicely written, and shows a depth of thought that I was pleased to read about.

Is there anything funnier than me trying to create a coherent group of replies before breakfast? Well, there's lots funnier, but not much dumber...

Calorie-free rambling ahead!


No objections, although I wouldn't mind being told exactly which bits before they went in.

I honestly had no idea of how the fandom had been story-using him before this (although given his lack of character tag, one answer is probably 'seldom'.) And he's been a steady background presence for a couple of my own stories, with something close to a minor arc on the timeline. (For 100% Move, the Bearers wish there was someone in Ponyville who could be hired at all. With Application, he's moved into town. By Eclipse, he's subbing for Fluttershy -- but with no Fund yet, he's hard to afford and the rate cut he's silently giving her is just as difficult to take on his side...) His very distinctive shadow has been slightly cast over a few events, and it suddenly felt like it was time to give him a small spotlight. Or at least the smallest one which would still reasonably contain him.

Background... that does connect into Triptych, so more below.


*sigh* Can't argue. I was repeating things from other stories because I can never know who went elsewhere before coming here.


Not deliberately at first, although it's been noted that Equestria basically has most bestiaries living in That One Forest. I think I was searching for a counterpart to the timber wolf: a cat partially made from the softer plants.


We do not openly question the operations and methodology of the Feature box. At least I don't. Because I really don't feel like being locked in the town stocks today.

(I have absolutely no bloody idea.)


Everyone's Equestria comes out a little differently. In mine, Angel is a jerk. And a very distracted Luna wanders through a dozen near-identical Ponyville dreams centered around rabbit punting as competitive sport, all of which seem to be using the same long-eared ball.

But part of it is Angel's anger at Fluttershy always leaving him and refusal to accept anyone in her place -- because that acceptance might mean she feels free to stay away longer. He's pitching his own version of a guilt trip: see how bad I'm being? That's all your fault for going away. Come back and I'll be good again -- well, better...

(Some of those who've left strong-willed pets behind during long trips may be wincing here.)

To me, the ending is a truce: I still resent her leaving me, but I suppose it could be worse.

And Snowflake is just prone to see things in terms of burdens to be carried. He knows she's lifting that one -- but he also sees the weight of it.


Not really: it's just noting the story's place on the timeline. In said chapter, the Bearers have to leave Ponyville for a new mission and they scramble to get ready, including lining their day job replacements up. Fluttershy is seen at the town square market hiring Snowflake -- and shortly after, the Mane Cast leaves. So this story kicks in shortly after their departure with Snowflake having taken the job. Beyond that, pretty much anything relevant said there was repeated here.

But that gets into Snowflake's background within the story. There's been a number of jokes around the fandom about his build ('Roid Rage... yeesh), including the usual bits about 'overcompensating for something'. And my first thought was Yes, he is. He's deliberately overcompensating for the injuries from a birth defect in order to fly at all.

Once I had that, everything opened up.

I think that for those who've been through Triptych-to-date, there's a little here which might expand on things there -- but it feels as if the story works without it, even if that meant infodump. At least, I hope it works...

*wanders off to forage for food*

*also caffeine*

*okay, mostly caffeine*

Heh, at this late in the story's run, you've already heard any constructive critiques (read: non-nitpicks) I'd give. I do enjoy the in-depth route you take developing ponies that most the fandom write off on their show jokes (your Flitter's own characterization being delightfully horrid). The gore tag made me a bit hesitant, considering Angel (I was honestly nervous this was going to take a darker turn once they headed into the Everfree) but you wrapped it all up in a satisfying, and moderately heartwarming way. It's rare on this site to see a story that deals with mature issues while keeping true to the original sweetness of the show.

The long and short of it is that I enjoyed reading this. Well written, well read, and well done.

Dang, man, how do you write so fast :rainbowhuh:

There needs to be a Snowflake character icon

I could see Snowflake and Mac "relaxing" each week by having a pulling contest or wrestling bout followed by cider. And not saying a single thing to each other the entire time except to say "see you next week" at the end of it.

This needs to be made into an episode.

Hi there! You know, Fimfiction now have Bulk Biceps (ex-Snowflake) character tag! You can add it to your story!


Done, and thanks. But locally, he'll always be Snowflake to me.

Oh, Estee... I have to take a break from your stories.

For the very best reason: they are moving me so darned much! I have damp cheeks and a cheek flush from how powerful this characterization of Snowflake is: what a great interpretation of his cutie mark, his approach to life, his very being.

It won't be a long break. I'll need another fix soon, now that I've fully realized how well the worldview you've displayed meshes with my own.

You might even get a sonnet or two :heart:

Light and laughter,

There are too few good stories about Snowflake.

This one deserves a resounding: YEAH!!!

*checks to make sure I gave the story a thumbs up*

Anyway, just wanted to say mention how this story really feels like part of a larger world.
The distinct feeling that their lives continue after the story ends.

An actual "slice-of-life". (Though the Adventure tag definitely makes more sense for this story considering anypony who has to deal with Angel Bunny is in for an adventure.)

Great, as always. Love to see how you worked out every background story for each character. However, there is something what made me curious, what do you think about what has been shown in the show?

Prosthetics had been tried repeatedly over the centuries, never reached any stage beyond that of failed experiment.

In S5 finale, we saw an alternate universe, where Dash has been given that one mechanical wing, which gave her stable ability to fly.

So, would it be her own determination, what is strong enough to carry her in to the sky, or she would somehow channel her pegasus magic from one wing to another, so she could fly? And does any of these make any sense with triptych continuity?

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Later Reviews #56.

My review can be found here.

Well, that certainly escalated... but it was still way less depressing than everything else in this continuum.:trollestia:

Speaking from experience you did a great job painting Fluttershy's cottage, and the work needed to make it function. Especially the smells, there really is nothing you can do to effectively disguise the scent of hundreds of animals under one roof.

Angel's grabbing of Snowflake's earring reminded me of a Scarlet Macaw we had taken in. Fuji was very friendly, but he loved jewelry. If he was in reaching distance he would grab it with his beak, Earrings, finger rings, necklaces. Thing is, he didn't pull on them, he just liked to feel them with his beak and tongue. But if you pulled away, he gripped harder, so you only got hurt if you resisted. If Snowflake had been able to ignore the rabbit instead of trying to shake him off . . . Ok, I wouldn't have been able to ignore it if it was Angel either.:twilightoops:

Corrections offered without malice.

waded up

wadded up

Most major advances in prosthetics happen during wars for obvious reasons.

Ohhh I am so glad I found this! I loved reading about how Snowflake got his pet.

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