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An avid reader and occasional writer, editor, and collaborator. A romantic at heart, but with a fiercely practical bent. A roleplayer, stage actress, singer, and generally helpful and loving person

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Nice to see you're still here. I just saw the sonnet you wrote for "Where have the stars gone?" Very nice. Have you got more poems stowed away somewhere?

Oh, my pleasure indeed! It's a lovely beginning, and definitely made me want to read more.

I'm a great fan of playful romance, so you found a good audience in me :trollestia:

Light and laughter,

Thanks for adding "When the Sun Holds Me" to your library!

I am pretty darned far from leaving the fandom, I assure you! :trollestia: Just check out the search tag "oc:evening song" in Derpibooru to see my devotion to my avatar, Evening Song, let alone my presence here on FimFic. I'm just not writing very much, except in private roleplays, most of which aren't readily made into publishable stories. At least, in my opinion; I've certainly seen some stories here that seemed like they originated that way (and shhh: one of mine did! Applejack: Devilish When Drunk is a rather heavily edited and added to roleplay transcript :pinkiegasp: ).

I'll see what I can do about a guest piece. Perhaps some of the ideas I have are already written - or perhaps I can use a short vignette to explore them, then expand them into a larger story. I have a couple of plots that just might work, triggered that way....

Meanwhile I'll keep reading and, when so moved, commenting. Thanks again for the time you've offered me here, and peace be with you!

Light and laughter,

Well, a job is always a great thing to have! And finding one that you're happy with is so hard nowadays, it more than makes up for a little commute trouble, I feel. So good on ya.

I myself am doing quite fine, working on two projects. Table, as you are already reading, and Dust and Harmony, which is a heavier piece, but something that's going along really well from the feedback so far. And please don't let me stop you from writing a guest chapter! I'll tell you what I told everyone else -- the main series might be wrapping up, but there are certainly a lot more doors to open. If you've read down to the 3rd 'box box' chapter you'd know what I mean, spoilers aside.

I will add all guest submissions to a bonus section after the main section, where I will also dump other fun and silly stuff that comes my way.

I hope to see you around more! I thought you had left the fandom, to be honest, after you suddenly just sort of disappeared after MY disappearance. But glad to see you around, still.

  • Viewing 51 - 55 of 55
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