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Huh. I'm Significantly Relieved, Actually. · 2:12pm Sep 27th, 2015

In a rather neck-snapping twist of fate, Equestria Girls: The Friendship games was not only decent to watch, but it doesn't canonically F**K my most recent story, "Father". In fact, I don't even have to slap the 'Alternate Universe" tag on it. Hah! I can even stop putting it off!

Imagine my frustration, realizing I had to stick with half a goddamn chapter for MONTHS until it was confirmed. More than once, I contemplated throwing myself off a cliff.

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2429433 Did you say 'A.I Luna? Waiting with baited breath.


Don't want to give away too much – I find it helps to keep the details bottled up – but I had a really cool idea for how to write a cyberpunk story inspired by the first episode (that's also kind of a retelling, but not really). The concept will revolve around Luna as an advanced A.I. because A.I. are awesome.

2429321 *ears twitch*

New fiction, you say? Do tell (and yes, while the sixth season finale gave me cancer, the season itself was actually a blast. Worth investing.)


Oh man, you're writing original stuff? That's awesome. Keep me fed with details 'cos I'm super intrigued.

As for me, well, been a really humdrum year or so. Mostly just incredibly bored. The creative well is dry. I'm trying to get back into it again though, hence why I'm back on fimfic for the time being. I have a pretty strong idea for some horse fiction that I need to outline, and perhaps try to write. It's cool that my ability to write prose hasn't really deteriorated despite being over a year out of practise.

Reminds me, I haven't even seen the last season of the show yet, so I should get on that.

Cool to see you're still doing stuff my dude.

2425233 Well, holy s**t, if it isn't the Pear himself! I realize it's been a whole week since your message, and I must've overlooked it among the literal hundreds of notifications I sifted through. My bad, bro. Anyway, things have been both rocky and smooth on my end. Still working, starting my third year classes in Fall and making more cash, all while trying my absolute damndest not to become a total, jaded prick.

I think I'm succeeding...

As for the writing front, haven't paid the pones much mind the passed year, as you may've gathered above, but writing and creating is still my thing. I've been working on my own original works, including a joint project with an old friend of mine. First book is already outlined, but the details are REALLY starting to pile up. Won't get into that.

What about you, good sir? How go your writing escapades?

  • Viewing 161 - 165 of 165
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