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Been a while since the last comment... there I fixed it.

Been awhile since last comment. . . Fixed

1067811 I scraped them a few day's ago, I felt that at first I could use them as a reference but decided to try and completely redo my writing style from my previous attempts. I'm focusing more on third person and switching back and forth between characters rather than having a first person story. So far it inst to hard for me but I have only managed to write in about two paragraphs of my current fic. Yet I have high hopes for the future and don't plan on letting my past mistakes stop me! :yay:
Then again writers block is a fucking bitch...:ajbemused:

What stories are they?
They don't appear on your profile.
Don't consider me a writing master whatever you do, but I find that the two most important things in a story are: Real Original Characters and pacing.
Pacing is very important.

960515 At least it only took you one try to fix your mistakes. I'm on my fifth fic and they are still really bad... :fluttercry:

  • Viewing 11 - 15 of 15
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