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Imma give this a down vote...... Really dude, a hit job in equestria? Celestia has a preference to not killing even the likes of chrysalis, so why would they be doing hit jobs?\

Not to mention it is implausible they would do that in ponyville to any extent. Twilight would personally involve herself, without question. thus putting everything in jeopardy as the prospects are grim for this organization as they would be impossible to touch.

Besides, they are monster hunters dude. Why would they be like this?

Kinda reminds me of a fic I put up for adoption. Don't know if anybody took it

Holy shatballs. :pinkiegasp:
Dark tag didn't lie.

Poor Bon-bon, poor Lyra :raritycry:

Celestia isn't going to be happy, assuming she finds out an innocent unicorn had her brains splattered all over the ground via spear.

Just sayin'.

I agree with everything lordofmyth said

Say it ain't so, Donut Joe, say it ain't so!



The fact that this has ANYTHING less than one-hundred likes is absurd.

Everything was perfect, but I especially liked that Doughnut-f**kin-Joe was an agent. What you did there... I seen it. Would've been superb if you used Pinkie's fantasy-name for him (Conmane).

This was delightfully dark without blatantly showing it until the very end, when every implication hits readers in the face. For starters, Sweetie's handler stuck out his neck to tell her about Lyra's situation. Then Lyra spills about Sweetie. Then the bitch dies?! Not ONLY is Sweetie's agency in deep shit, but now Sweetie loses her best friend IN VAIN! She's right back where she started with even MORE complications.

This... This deserves so much more, and people are stupid and blind for not seeing that. Have a like and a fave you glorious bastard.


6129531 Why, thank you, good sir. I shall have my fave and like shaken, not stirred. :trixieshiftright:

6131670 *Stares at stirred fave*

Oh... Huh.

*drops fave and runs*

6131691 Stop right there, stirred scum! *Shoots grappling hook while Bon Bon tackles you*

Somepony should totally do a sequel!

Wowsa, I did not see that twist coming. That was excellent for something so short.

But there needs to be MORE! What will Bon do once she discovers that she was too late to keep Lyra's head from becoming a shish-kebab? Or when she learns that Lyra was an enemy agent?!


Awesome! Love you followed up and the whole "Special agent Sweetie Drops' thing, and Joe really IS Con Mane! Priceless! :twilightsmile:

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