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One of the most unrecognized shippings in MLP: FiM, AppleCord (which is the awesome ship between Applejack and Discord) most likely doesn't have a lot of stories, or fans for that matter. But in the AppleCord Shippers Unite! group, we openly show our love of the ship, whether you see it as a crackship (as in a ship thay ultmatrly makes no sense but would be fun to see) or a genuine ship (as in a ship that you could see being treated seriously), so if you enjoy some AppleCord lovin', join this group today!

(If you hate this ship, please take your hate somewhere else. Thank you.)

Credit for group icon: Applecord Wallpaper Thingy by MammthLioness on DeviantArt

Credit for group banner: Request - Applecord by Evenly (DeviantArt)

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