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This group began as a place for the mods and contributors of Thirty Minute Ponies, a tumblr dedicated to Friendship is Magic flash fiction. The original blog itself had a great run - almost two years and five hundred seventy two prompts. Unfortunately, the original TMP is now closed.

But a handful of its regular contributors remain here, keeping the legacy going. Each week on Thursday, a new prompt is posted here as a discussion thread in the forum. Anyone is welcome to take a look, think about it as long as they like, and then spend thirty minutes writing a story to post in response. Whoever posted the prompt will give you some feedback. It's all meant to be very lightweight and informal.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when you write. Many of them have some wiggle-room to them; this place is meant to get people writing, not scare them away from it, after all. PM me (Esle Ynopemos) if you have any questions at all.

- Prompts, unless otherwise noted, are thirty-minute prompts. This means you have thirty minutes from the first word you write to the last one. You may take all the time you need beforehand to think and plan (and I do mean all the time you need. The prompt remains open forever. You don't have to write your story the same day the prompt goes up). Once you've started writing, though, the timer begins.

- Subversions are fine. Encouraged, even. If the prompt is, say, "running for office," and you write a story about a pony literally running in order to get an actual office, then that will fit the prompt just fine.

- Stories must be MLP-related. This rule is a bit more obvious here on FimFic than it was on the tumblr blog, but it stands in either case. If it isn't pony, don't post it here.

- 2,000 words is the maximum. For one thing, two thousand words in thirty minutes is really hauling. I don't doubt there's people out there who can do it, but generally it strains credulity with the honor system we have for enforcing the thirty-minute rule. And secondly, mods do have lives outside of here. We love reading what you folks write, but we don't have the time for it if everyone posts a novel.

- Stories must be safe for work. This one is bolded because it's extra important. We are a SFW group, and we can't have NSFW content here. Sorry.

- Last but not least, have fun!

Hope that helps, and I hope you'll join us. Thirty Minute Ponies may be gone, but its legacy lives on!

P.S. - If you would like to see the old blog and the thousands upon thousands of words' worth of stories people wrote for it, check it out at Thirty Minute Ponies.

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No worries mate.

391601 (sees this six and a half weeks too late) Shoot, sorry I didn't notice this sooner!

The new prompts are being posted as threads on this group's forum. Post your stories on those threads; the blog doesn't work anymore.

Sorry for the confusion, and sorry for not responding until it probably became long past relevant.

So, I've been writing for the prompts on the blog cause I thought this wasn't actually doing anything, Are these new prompts coming out? Or are they from the blog?

Ey someone added my collection here, Thanks! :pinkiehappy::heart:

Thanks for running this while it ran, mods. Sad to see it end.

Do you guys accept short story collections that have TMP stories but also stories that aren't from TMP?

And if we've expanded a story we've written for TMP and then posted it as a stand-alone, do you take those?

My God in heaven... TMP. Is. Everywhere...:pinkiegasp:

I meant to comment here Sunday but forgot, and then I left off the Author's Notes on Sunday's TMP story. So for the record: last Sunday I posted my 100th TMP submission. It wasn't my favorite, or my best, but there it was. I liked Monday's better, so I'll celebrate my 101st instead.


Sorry to hear that. :fluttershysad: A lot of things factor into views and such, including posting time, follower counts, etc., and sometimes it's a real shame.

*bro hoof!*

Also, MoonLight is good ship.

A thousand thanks to TMP for helping me find the Featured Box! You all rock!

Also, TwiLuna for the win.

Go for it! I've definitely used some of my TMP submissions as parts of longer finished stories--they can be really good for that, I think.


Done, and with nary a sighting of Twilight. Although I feel a sudden itch to expand this into a LunaFire fic...

We do these things just to torment you, of course. :twilightsmile:

Really?!? Prompt #159: “New Moon”? I just cataloged the 30+ pieces I've written for TMP and over a third have been TwiLuna-centered. I finally decide to give it a rest and TMP hands me this on a silver platter. Sheesh! Oh, well, I guess the bigger challenge now will be not turning this into my 4th OTP story in a week.

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