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Twilight and Celestia have been in a relationship for a while now, and Twilight decided that it was the right time to introduce her new marefriend to her parents. Celestia was nervous, of course, but thought little of it.

But when Twilight asks about Celestia's parents, things get far more complicated.

After all, it's always a little awkward when your parents aren't exactly ponies in the first place.

Now on Equestria Daily!

And in Russian!

Entry for the Fourth Twilestia Contest

Super special thanks to Fuzzyfurvert and Habanc for putting up with me and my silly ideas and generally being awesome, and to OnionPie and Craine for proofing.

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Awesome work, man. I think this is one of your best yet.

“This one is delighted that you think so, Twilight,” he said. “Oh, and call this one Father, if you so choose. Everybody else does, after all.”


Now that was a beauty.

I agree. This is fantastic work. You started with a great base and then took our suggestions and criticisms like a big boy and worked it in until that great base became a fantastic piece of fiction.

Amazing work, loved it, and I wonder who could drink who under the table, Twilight or Celestia's father...

Fantastic work, bro.

The parents method of talking reminded me of the hanar from Mass Effect. I quite liked it.


Celestia sniffed. “Parents are dumb.

Missed a quote there.

~Skeeter The Lurker


At only 82 views, and this is already featured? Damn...

Pearp! Awesome work, it's been a beauty ever since you had the foundations built. I don't know why you fussed over it that much, because it's so creative and unique and original and organic and ughhhhhhhh.

But yeah, like the fuzz-master said, you put up with our nitpickiness really well and went above and beyond to bring this story to its fullest potential. Give yourself a pat on the back and hug, because you deserve it.

Congrapes on the mature-box feature, Pear.

Oh good, I wasn't the only one who was thinking that.

Wow, Celestia's parents are something else. Not in a good way either.

Yes, good, your story is acceptable to me. I shall leave you alive when you step up to the plate.

This was astounding. Really great work on display here.

This looks interesting.

Seems Skeeter forgot to give you this:
And I'll add a like, fav, and feature recommendation on top of it.

Bang-up job all around.

The sequel should be just as amazing as this.:pinkiecrazy:

This was well crafted. It had the right feelings in all the right places.

“I wonder if she is the one to bring our daughter back to us,”

Oh yes, wouldn't that be wonderful? And it would require no change on your part, no coming down off your oh so lofty perch to grace us stupid mortals with your oh so great selves. To not admit any wrong doing, like letting Discord turn living beings into playthings or letting your little girl fall so far.

May you both rot in the hell made for yourselves.:ajbemused:

Wow, Celestia's parents sure are something, not sure what I really expected though. If anything I thought they'd just be your average disconnected god, but these two go beyond even that...they're actually really creepy. And what really struck me was how they didn't even seem to notice Celestia as a person? They more of saw her and Luna as an ace in the hole over discord, because god forbid they do it themselves apparently. In fact I think the only thing they said that made them seem even remotely human is the part about "being good to her."

I'd really like to see this concept done by more people, it's really unnerving, but at the same time great.

Hey, I'm the one who suggested that :raritywink:


Yep. I wanted to do something like it and Plum suggested that and so I done did.

To be honest, I'm still not sure about it. I do like the effect even if it seems a little superfluous.

Are they truly heartless?
I am a nobody and have no heart but I do not wish to sacrifice thousands for a certain goal.

Nicely done. I felt like a little heat from Celestia at the father's treatment of Twilight might have been more realistic, but I especially enjoyed the scene of actually meeting Celestia's parents.

And not a big deal, but the use of the word relishing at the beginning is incorrect.
"relishing in the homely" s/b reveling in or relishing, not relishing in. Silly, weird English language... And I am done nitpicking.


Thanks for the feedback! :D

This is very good.


4333726 Heartless. Jaded. Realistic. Take your pick.

Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

Is good.
Make more. :eeyup:

So, if Twilight knew that there was something wrong with their appearance, then why didn't she ask about it later, when Celestia left the room or something?

It seems to me that it's not a matter of not having to change, or even a matter of not wanting to change. I think that they are not able to change. They don't seem to have the free will necessary for it. If I were to guess, I would say they are Anthropomorphic Personifications, of what, I could not say. Maybe they are a bit like Terry Pratchett's Auditors, although not actively adverse to life as in that case, or his Death, although not as deeply associated with individual lives as unlike him they do not work on a one-to-one basis. They must see that large objects attract small objects, and that the heat death of the universe continues, and that the present becomes the past, they are The Rules. When you must think in that scale, single lives must seem very difficult to comprehend as important, when they are so very fleeting, although they seem to take an interest. And as they are Rules, they must obey rules, including being non-partisan to events in the world, personally anyway, although they can act through agents such as Celestia and Luna. That they took an interest enough to care at all is what amazes me.

To Summarise, extremely engaging, very lovely in the first half, and very Discworldian in the second half. Kudos to you good sir.


*shrug* I simply assumed that Twilight was too wrapped up in the conversation to care, or inferred that they weren't entirely "natural" and didn't bother to ask more about it. I didn't feel like it was a very important detail, really – for all she knew, her eyes were playing tricks on her.

It would have been interesting to know the reasoning behind that though, wouldn't it? Perhaps I should have revealed some more details of what they are.


Great comment! Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Well, I'm embarrassed. Normally, I follow an author after I fave three stories of theirs, or the combined wordcounts exceed 200k words. I've faved five now, and haven't followed you, Pearple. Let's fix that.

This. This is a story that belongs in the featured box. This is incredible, meticulously paced, each sentence flowing naturally off the one before it. Just enough is explained for everything to make perfect sense, and yet just enough is left unanswered that the reader is left wondering just what is going on. We get to see a shred of the big picture, a piece of the tapestry, and we know that somehow it all fits together, but it is still a mystery.

Superb work here.

Bloody good show.

The question of Celestia and Luna's origin is a fascinating one, and this is one of the more fascinating answers to it.

Celestia's parents were very well done, from their indescribable forms to their manner of speech. The foes of Discord being utterly static makes the best kind of sense, the kind that makes my brain go, "Yes. Good. More, please." And Twilight making them face the unpleasant reality of their unchanging nonintervention was exquisite. As for Father's question... she may, but only if she can make them understand that if Celestia is to come back to them, they have to approach her, at least a little.

Thank you for this, Pearple. I don't usually favorite one-shots, but to leave this unstarred would be a travesty. :twilightsmile:

Aw man, the Twilestia fluff was at peak efficiency in this fic. Thank you very much for writing this =)

Spooky. Plausible. Compelling.

Well done, Pear.

This is almost how I think Celestia and Luna came to be: that they were created by gods to be sort of like avatars. I like this story a lot. Very good stuff.

This was beyond amazing, everything about it was simply perfect.
I haven't read a story on this site in ages and I'm so glad that this was the first thing to catch my eyes.

Dang Pearp, way to dominate the feature box!

I am impress son.

Gosh Pear why must you be so good?
Stahp! :raritydespair:
Just kidding do more of this type of stuff plz. :heart:

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Twilight deserves the praise that is Celesta's parents' acknowledgement.

This is really great. The feature was well deserved.

Great short story.

That sequel tease at the end, though...

Well this was a delightful read.

I was really impressed at how solidly built the ending felt.

I suppose I should check out your other works, too.

I can't say I'm much of a fan of one-shots, but I guess I can make an exception.

Huh. The story is...good, but is nobody else realizing that the two...spirits, gods, whatever you want to call them, are either lying to everybody about their supposed power or willingly let, as Celestia said, millions of ponies die. Not only that, but the families being broken apart, their own daughter being forced to endure a thousand years of imprisonment and pain? These are not good things. They...need to be, if not imprisoned, at least stripped of their power where they can't hurt anyone. That is my comment in-universe; out here, I'd like to say to the author: good premise, like how you pulled the Celestia and Twilight dating card in a fresh way, but the abrupt introduction of two Elder Gods is...grating.

I wasn't expecting this to be so creepy. Good job.

Dammit, Pear, you stole the first place from me. Gargh.

Anyway, the second half was actually very good. I really enjoyed it, and that interpretation of Celestia's parents was entertaining as heck. So yeah, from the point they get to the farm to the ending, I realy liked it. I was expecting some kind of joke and/or silly thing, but Father and Mother are truly interesting characters. So yeah, kudos for that, and no wonder this got featured.

On the other hand, it might be my hate dislike of Twilestia, but I found the entire first scene a little bit cringe-worthy, and out of character at best. Now, I understand that Celestia would loosen up a bit when in presence of her lover and her lover's family, but... I don't know, getting drunk? Talking like that? Chugging bottles of wine and giggling like a schoolfilly? While I enjoy more than anybody interpretations where Celestia does silly things now and then, acting in such a way in front of so many ponies just because she happens to plow Twilight's garden... I don't know, I felt it was pretty bad.

But again: don't like Twilestia. Sad as it is to admit it, if you had written, I don't know, Fluttershy in that situation, I would have liked it. So yeah, don't take my word for granted, because I think my subjectivity is playing tricks on me. As I said, the second part was cool as hell. I'm actually going to fave this, and seeing how much I disfavor Twilestia (to the point where I barely read anything with that pairing -- I mean, really, they are like mother and daughter AND CELESTIA IS FAR TOO TALL FOR IT TO BE A COMFORTABLE RELATIONSHIP) that's a lot.

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