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Why speed off releasing new chapters every single day? Relax, take your time, there's no rush.

A group dedicated to those of us who know that good writing takes time, and who only post when we're good and ready.

Take time for all things: great haste makes great waste.
—Benjamin Franklin

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I've been meaning to join this group for a while, but...:ajsleepy:...psssh, I got busy. And tired. And distracted. (Oh, hey! More new PMV's on youtube!I'll watch those and THEN get back to writing.)
I'm not lazy, I'm careful.:pinkiehappy:

The irony of joining this group a mere week before One-Shotober is quite delicious.

This is the approach I need to take more.


...why is everything so slow?

From all of the writters here,

I am clearly the slowest of the bunch.

1000 words in 6 months.

Try to beat that.

Nothing ever happens here.


Wakin' up for school everyday...
Writin' my lines in Linear Algebra class...

And all I should have done...
is to say: "Relax, it'll be done when it's done..."

Perhaps speed it right up...
When an idea smacks me with a pap...

I just wanna take things nice... *yawn* and slow.

I'll just get my couch and we'll be done...

Oh no... I have home work to do...

But I have the couch...

Decisions decisions decisions...

*falls asleep on couch*

I treat my writing like I treat my pre read jobs...

Slow, easy, and as a recreation.

This is a fantastic group idea.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This Group... I love it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some mind-numbing, muscle-cramping, bone-bending procrastination to get back to.

There's not a more perfect group for me at the moment.

And I'm sure there's a comfy couch here somewhere, just stuffed with naturally loosed pegasus down (ooooh, pretty colors!).

I'll just lie down right over there.

This group is perfect for me.

Hey. Everybody just. Slow down.

No need to... to...


What were we talking about?

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