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All Trixie, all the time, because Trixie demands it.

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Trixie lulamoon has some good tricks but how about if she kicked it up a notch and tried spells like necromancy and destruction spells like the ones from skyrim or even better dragon shouts like the dragonborn uses no disrespect to trixie just a thought I just think trixie might like something new

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You know what should be Trixie's theme song?

This. This right here should be Trixie's theme song. Accept no substitutes.

Hello everypony, I just joined this group. Glad to be here!

*Slowly emerges from my cave.*
Ah! I have returned! What year is this? I haven't done a FiMFic since the start of season 2...

Updated The Ties That Bind

. Hope everyone enjoys it! As always, comments and critiques --positive and negative-- are always appreciated!


Behold how Trixie could have won Magic Duel
The trick here is that it was all an illusion, which, theoretically, she should have been able to do with the Alicorn Amulet.
Sure, the entirety of Ponyville might accidentally see it, but...well, you know. You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggheads.

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I recently started an alternate ending about Boast Busters. I know that this episode has a lot of alternate endings already, however, I believe that I have taken an original approach to this, by inserting the collateral damage that SHOULD have happened when that Ursa Minor went into Ponyville. What does this have to do with Trixie, one might ask? Well, the answer to that question, and more, lie in my story, Innocence Lost.

After some deep research that predates Rainbow Rocks, and with new evidence found in that movie, I can now say that Trixie is Left Handed. Both pony and human counterpart.

Here's some of the research I already had published in Deviantart and the MLP forum.

Of course. WHY am I not surprised?

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Other people can add stories to groups that they are in. It doesn't matter if they wrote it or not. :twilightsmile:

Hello! Sorry guys, noobish question, One of my stories appeared on two trixie groups, in addition to the ones I put it into, can someone explain this to me please?:trixieshiftright:


Yah. Funny. Everypony cheered and laughed at the same time!


No matter, she still is!

316005 Nope. Because not everyone may consider Trixie best pony.

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