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The 4Kids TMNT series is awesome · 1:53pm Aug 24th, 2016

Over the course of the past week, I sort of marathoned all 136 episodes of the 4Kids TMNT series, as well asThe the Mayhem from Mutant Island! special and Turtles Forever (the crossover between that series, the '87 cartoon, and the original comics version of the turtles), and over the course of watching it, I was asking myself one question: How come I didn't watch it sooner?

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It's alright.
And can't wait

Got it, sorry I had to ask for a reminder, I'll start writing ASAP :)

Rainbow Dash drinks a potion that she thinks will make her fast, but ends up causing the CMC to fall in love with her and turns her a futa, leading to a foursome where she ends up impregnating them.

Hey superfun! I was about to start doing the story you requested (with RD and the CMC) but unfortunately I have forgotten if you gave any specifics about what you wanted in the story! Sorry that it has taken so long to start your request, would you mind refreshing my memory?

All those mind control Rainbow stories? Yep, you’re based.

  • Viewing 624 - 628 of 628
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