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Diamond Tiara adopts Scootaloo, and vows to raise her as her own. Join us on this journey to find out if Diamond Tiara has what it takes to care for the orphan Scootaloo.

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More of these please
There hilarious

You have my attention.

This is the first group on this website I've joined
and I've been on this website for like a year.

Characters are wacky. OOC. Yet I love it.

This is a thing now? Awesome!

You're trying to make this a thing? I approve!

Whelp, time to write

347144 I thought that too when I saw this. Matt has a method to his madness believe me.

347130 Well, maybe I'm just paranoid. Still might write a story for this though. :twilightblush:

Greatest day EVER!

Only good things can happen from here.

GOOD THINGS! :scootangel:

They will NEVER show up!

...Really?:trixieshiftright:...Ok, let's see how long until the undeserved hate comments arrive. Grumble Grumble... :trixieshiftleft:

Totally might write a story for this, can't guarantee it though.

  • Viewing 1 - 13 of 13