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This is the club for all those writers that put so much effort into their great stories, and don't get the credit they deserve. Yes, we don't have 100,000 words in our stories, but we put a lot of work into what we do. This group gives feedback, posts competitions in forums, and has an ask the mane 7, Derpy included. If you just don't know what went wrong, join now.

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Hi! I'm Scarlet Thorn!
I've written a great story that features Ocs, blindbag ponies, and our favorite background zebra and DJ!
Unfortunately, nopony really has been willing to give my story a chance, and those that have out of that small hoof-full only a minuscule amount have actually left any comments or liked my story.

I'm really just looking for feedback, so please help!

Introductions! I am a worthless hack that's been writing pony stories for roughly (almost) six years now. I do some requests (though I get a mountain of clop requests) as well as a few originals (To End a Life, Terrible things).

I hope some of my stories are to peoples liking as I put quite a lot of effort into them.

Yo Anna, do you mind if i sumbit my story on one of your folders?:scootangel: Pretty please? :pinkiesad2:

Queen Zenith requires a proof reader and/or editor. does anyone recommenced someone?

Comment posted by Krellak deleted Aug 14th, 2017

Could I maybe humbly submit my story for you to read here?


I would love some feedback on it. If that isn't too much trouble...

I am currently writing an exciting fan fiction with my good friend, Zetriax(who you should go follow). For those who haven't seen my other blog posts(which I have deleted), I promised a story about half a year ago. Well, worry not, young ones! To ensure that the collaboration story is a success, we are writing 5 chapters before we start posting.

Where is the story going to be posted?
On a collaboration account, which has been cleverly named Dyslexic Aardvark.

Will the first 5 chapters be posted all at once?
No. But we will try to make a schedule for them to come out(at the MOST) once a week.

How are you going to write it, since it's a collaboration story?
We are taking turns writing chapters. Zetriax first, then me. We will continue the cycle in that particular manner.

The story will be an Action/Adventure story with Romance(just a little), Death(of course), and some other things that I really can't remember right now. You'll just have to read it once it comes out. My next blog post will be about a date in which we release the story. Other blog posts about the story after that will be on the collaboration account Dyslexic Aardvark. Feel free to follow the account in order to receive updates on the story.

Hello everypony!
I'm the project manager of Ambient.White (former Ambient.Prologue). At the moment we are looking for fiction writers who can write little pieces like letter from one pony to another or a note in a diary (just like in Elder Scrolls or Fallout games). If you are interested please contact me at piramidheaded.pony@gmail.com
For more info about our project visit http:/albdifferent.com

Finally! Something that I'm not good at!

I wouldn't say that this one is underrated, persay, but I do put quite a dit of work in and make an effort to include colourful metaphors and such, so I'll add it.

hi I'm Melody i put the best i can into my storys even though they look like they suck b***'s

Thank you (person who featured my story) for featuring my story in the Decent Writer's Club! I really appreciate it.

--SYA, The Horse

Since there's no other admins currently active in this group, I guess that makes me head honcho around here.

Not trying to force this down your throat, but i think a piece of literature i made lately is ok, and i would love some criticism on the plot, story flow, and other things. You do not have to be very specific and such, i just wanted people's thought on the actual plot and how the story flows.
It is right here.

Hmmm...it could be interesting, but in all seriousness, i think that the Vietnam war would be a WAY better thing to write about. There is so much potential for it it is just waiting for someone to write about it. Just research it a bit, you could do something with that. There are disgruntled protesters, heartbreaking and controversial drafts, draft dodgers, and much more.
Well, i hope you consider my idea, i will not be using it any time soon.

392632 It's wiser to go to the forums, or the The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau if you want to promote yourself, since not many people actually go to the group comments.

I am a decent writer who just needs some love for his story. If anyone can help me out.....please? Anyways I have what I think to be a great story idea but no one else thinks so. So if you could please help me out I would be most greatful. It's called MLP Civil War.

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