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Scribe of the Nightwings

I am but a simple scribe. I write stories of the Nightwings, and how a purple alicorn and her friends led them to freedom. LOXALAS!


When Twilight awakes in a land that is completely unfamiliar to her, she meets three strangers that will help her if she help them to their freedom. Along the way, Twilight will come across new friends and enemies and eventually find that her other friends made it to this strange land as well. Will Twilight and her friends be able to find their way back to Equestria, or will they be forever doom to the Downside.
Let the Rites begin!

(Basically this is crossover fic of how Twi and the gang would react to the events of the game, Pyre.)
All rights to the MLP characters used for this fic go to Hasbro.
All rights to the Pyre characters, environments, and music used for this fic go to SuperGiant Games.
Cover art by Little Tigress

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 19 )

This is awesome! Pyre is one of the best games I've played in recent years. I can't wait to see how Twilight being the Reader will change things up for the Nightwings.

Yes, I always thought it would be interesting to see how Twilight would react in a world where reading and books (aka her biggest passion in life) is super illegal.

What's funny is that when I first played the game. I wondered how offended Luna would be if she learned that those considered crazy in that world were called moontouched.

Funny you mention Luna, because I have a feeling that she would have a lot of sympathy for a certain character that appears mid-game. One that also fell from grace. ;)

So Twilight got to know Jodariel a little better. Now I'm curious to see which of the exiles she'll become the closest to. Also, speaking of the Demons. Will Twilight undergo any kind of mutation during her time in the Downside or will she escape before that place has any lasting effects on her?

You have to be in the Downside for a super long time (years really) to start growing horns. Thankfully, without giving too much spoilers, she won't be there for that long.

Well this story is shaping up nicely so far, the first chapter was a bit iffy at time but still solid and the following one much more solid and the tired one was we really started to get a better sense of who are the characters; they still need work to get a really good sense of them but it's getting their. I did really like the part with the book scene and how it seemed to galvanize them into perusing their goals especially Twilight. If this world really makes the people in it to start growing horns does that mean that Twilight is going to become Equestria first Multicorn?

I'm glad to see that you think my writing is getting progressively better with each chapter! And yeah, in the game, the player is the one controlling the characters' movements and actions during the Rites. So for this fic, I wanted to frame where it felt like Twi was just controlling these characters, but rather formed a connection that would help them coordinate. Anyway, keep an eye out, but there's a lot more to these characters and it'll be interesting how Twi will interact more with them.

Well I would credit you in not being too forceful in Meshing Twilight with the others, at least until the book, and even then I feel you did a reasonable job at establishing that in the end they all have the common cause but with different goals in mind, the book part help to establish that that they would to en extent go out on a limb for each other at which I though was interesting. Still, what I was surprised at first is that they didn't seem to have seen Twilight like just another animal from this odd world and almost immediately; I wouldn't blame you for mostly skipping that part.

So any change for a Multicorn then?

Well, the idea is the exiles usually have to spent years in the Downside horns to begin growing horns, and without gicving away too much spoilers, Twi won't be around that long. Although, I could always bend the rules of the world (since Equestrian magic is totally unpredictable) for the sake of storytelling....Let me think on that. But don't worry, there are more Demon characters later on in the story. :)

And the Nightwings score their first victory!

I definitely wasn't expecting any of Twilight's friends to make an appearance so soon. Will they be participating in the Rites or do you have something else in mind for them?

Applejack already seems pretty attached to Mae. If she ends up going to Equestria instead of the Commonwealth. I'm pretty sure AJ (or Luna) will be adopting her.

Well, AJ is the most family-oriented of the Mane 6, so I thought it would make for a nice bond to someone who probably needs a family the most.

Interesting, I wonder what the girl will be up to on her end in the meanwhile.

Thanks for another awesome chapter.

I knew when Fluttershy made her appearance she would go straight for Rukey. I forsee many hugs and possibly belly rubs in our favorite Cur's future. I'm also gonna take a shot in the dark and say that when Sir Gilman joins the Nightwings. He'll declare himself to be Rarity's personal knight.

Well thank you. I had are really fun time writing for the Fate. And something tells me that Flutters is gonna really like the next member that joins the Nightwings. :)

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