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Starlight knows that bending the timeline to get her revenge will not be enough. To attain the world she desires; she will have to go beyond boundaries to get it. But, will she succeed? Or will she bring her own downfall?

Extra Information
- Pre Season 5 Finale
- Pokemon Platinum Crossover

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So far, so good.

I am eager to see where this heads.

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

7994321 The dark tag is for how willing starlight goes and things that follow.

Will she meet Cyrus? If so, sign me up for this please.

7996299 -Casually whistles-

It's a little short right now. I'm just glad Twilight didn't overreact with the lack of physics and coming to the Distortion World. I wonder if Starlight will also be punished by Dialga for her actions?

7999368 Yeah, I understand the chapter length is short right now. But, my life schedule is pretty erratic and I never truly know when I will have time to write so, I can't make any promises on when they will come out, but by giving you all small bits I hope it keeps you all entertained and satisfied. Does that make sense? I'm not quite sure.

7999405 So far. I get that your life is hectic. I'm just lucky that I can comment on other people's fics because I can't think of anything for my fanfics right now and I'm focusing on school.

7999415 Hey, that's alright. Everyone of us has life's problems to deal with. I hope things work out for you.

Looks like Starlight got her wish. Plus Cyrus has company other than Giratina.

7999703 Normally, I'm against Pokemon crossovers, but I'll let it slide seeing as Starlight got her wish and you did a good job writing this crossover so far. Unlike Twilight, who has plot armor, some mental issues and being relatable to some people, Starlight's really cutting close to being a Mary Sue.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean to rant that long and I've issues with villains who reform too fast.

7999759 Hey, its fine. I'm all for reading opinions or rants.

To be honest, I have the same problem with Starlight. I felt she was reformed way too fast. It was all like; "Hey, I know you just tried to destroy the very peace of Equestria by tearing the timeline apart for your petty revenge, but do you want to be my friend and easily forgiven?" "Ok." The End.

I like reformation stories as much as the next guy, but that was using glithces to get through a race course and end the race in less than a minute whilst everyone else has barely got round the first corner. I felt blue balled.

Wow, I went on a bit there.

8000627 I feel the same way. At least Sunset and Discord worked to actually earn everyone's trust and eventual love, Starlight just almost destroyed Equestria and messed with time for very pretty reasons. And what do we get form all this? A very. Pathetic. Back story. Now this makes me hate Starlight even more.

I like it!
Your characterization of Cyrus is good, and the interactions between him and Starlight are believable.

8007311 Thank you. :twilightsmile: I'm curious, what did you think of the 'Starlight Escape' and the end of the chapter?

Twilight better give Giratina a really good reason why Starlight shouldn't be kept in the Distortion World.

8007339 Ho, ho, ho, believe me. It won't be easy.

8007339 What did you think of the chapter?

8007346 So far? It's great. Feels like cutscene straight from Platinum though.

You mess with time and space and Giratina will come for you.

Twilight must convince Giratina

It would be really nice if Starlight stayed and kept Cyrus company, but that's only if Twilight does a crappy job of convincing Giratina. Does magic work in the Distortion World?

8007651 Yes, though the natural laws and the laws of time and space don't apply there, Twilight can still teleport around the place.

8007632 What have you enjoyed about the story so far?

8008228 I liked how there was slightly more dialog from Cyrus and the vibe that the DISTORTION World is some kind of prison.

8008228 It's very interesting. Starlight infuriating the one being that has no tolerance for anyone or any pony disrupting the flow of time and space. And Cyrus has somewhat accepted his fate

“This, Twilight Sparkle” Giratina began, spreading his wispy wings, “Is my decision.”

I sense a battle's gonna be happening. It's not that Giratina refuses or denies Twilight's logic & decision, but It's to see if she's strong or worthy enough to defeat him and to allow Starlight Glimmer to return to Equestria.

oh dont be that guy who ends the story on a cliff hanger thats just mean ;-;

8092880 I don't plan to. I'm just trying to sort out an ending that I'm satisfied with. It's left me at a roadblock. And I don't want to think of it as a chore. I want to enjoy writing this.

8092973 maybe i can help you end the story or have two ending one good and one thats less good that way you have room to pick which one you want

8093007 I already have the ending I want. Again it's just the execution I'm stuck. I'll get back round to this when I feel comfortable.

8093007 I appreciate the offer though.

8093015 no problem let me know if you do need any help tho i dont have a busy life

8110613 Thank you. I like you too. What do you like about the story?

7999368 Uh Yeah including Palkia those 2 including Girnatina would punish Starlight for her selfish actions.

damn still no update of course then again you could just call the story complete as is and I would buy it

honchcrow is her opponent

I hope she loses

I wonder if Starlight will reveal why she wants to rid the world of Cutie Marks and replace them with simple plain markings to Twilight this time.

IF we're going by Pokemon logic, Twilight's a Psychic/Flying type and she'll have a hard time fighting against Cyrus' team, especially Houndoom's Thunder Fang and Dark Pulse.

What did you think of the chapter?

Man, it's been a while... Which will he choose? Houndoom? Honchcrow? Weavile? Gyarados? Though, no matter which one it ends up being, Twilight's going to have an uphill battle.

Yeah, it has. Do I still have it? Did I get you interested?

8644414 I like it so far and I actually like your characterization of Giratina.

You still have my interest, don't worry.

A hard battle I hope to see one day.

'What did I do to deserve this?’

How about attempting to break the space/time continuum in an act of petty revenge? And this is on top of all the other shit you pulled.

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