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A simple fan who is trying his best! Fair warning my stories tend to focus on everypony's favorite dragon!


Ten years ago, Spike ran away from his home determined to grow strong and learn about his past. He now is back in Equestria to hunt monsters and reconnect with old friends. Will he be able to become their friend again or did he lose them?

Big thank you to my editor Adamastos!

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Good start, will track to see where you go with this. Also, found this for you.
tiny diamonds were sawn into the cloth. [ sewn ].
There are times when spell check and auto correct should be dumped in a sack and tossed into the river!
Keep up the good work.

Oh my bad and I actually looked up what sawn was, who ever used that word Spell check? come on. I'll fix it right now. Thanks for the help!

You always write some goodies i loved alchemist dream

I try! I really try not to use the same ideas again and again between my stories. I love the Alchemist's Dream it was my first story after all. I do plan to update it! I just got writer's block on the current chapter sorry.

Keep up the good work

Interesting. The, Old One's, sound like a Dark Souls reference.

Now tracking! Keep up the good work!:moustache:

My interest has been gaged. Looking toward to more :pinkiehappy:


Hmm I have been playing dark souls on the switch

Not bad so far. Are the princesses too not aware of Spike's return?

Oh, nice teaser. Get ready for the drama train to pull into the station!:pinkiegasp:

Good job with this chapter, eagerly awaiting more!:moustache:

Celestia is as she ordered Discord to keep an eye on him, even when she wanted to drag him home. Luna and Cadence aren't as Celestia knew the two of them would more likely act on their impulses and get him back. Twilight obviously isn't.

Thanks! I'll make the big return next chapter but I may have Twilight seeing Spike for the chapter after next

Thanks for responding, I speculate the next chapter is coming on May 18TH yes?

hmm it should but we'll see if work doesn't kill me

Awesome thus far:ajsmug:
I shall be eagerly awaiting updates:twilightsmile:

Though "blue spikes"? Was that a simple mistake or is Spike's spines now Blue?

The blue spiked dragon wasn't Spike it was a different dragon. It was his father, the last student of Ignitus before Spike.

Oh, okay then... thanks for clearing that up for me.

No problem! I know my writing can be a bit confusing at times.

Slight nitpick, but why would Celestia etc. leave everyone else thinking he was dead?

Not bad. Not bad at all. Love Pinkie and Starlight's reaction to seeing, Spike.

Good job!:moustache:

Twilight and the rest of his friends would never have given up looking for him if they knew he was out there and she needed to focus on princessing and other things. Celestia knew that Spike would be gone for years and thought she this was the best choice when though it was clearly flawed. This choice will be addressed later by Twilight as it was wrong of her to make this choice for others that cared for him as much as her.

Thanks! I saw Pinkie being the most hopeful about Spike and keeping faith in him while some of the others like Starlight believed that he ran but she still cares for him even if she wants to hate him.

It's completely within her character to do what she did. Just one of the reasons why she is such a lovable character. She just so real, and triggered!:moustache:

cool idea for the story and i really like the few characters that you have intrudce. Just a question in this story spike is quadruped like classic fantasy dragons or bipedal like in the show ?

The larger dragons are quadruped and Spike can be when he needs to be quick but prefers to be on two feet when he is relaxing. Thanks for reading my story!

She won't be the only one who is severely pissed off by Spike's choice, one pony, in particular, has had to see all the pain Spike has caused and his choice hit her in a personal way.

Comment posted by Dragon-In-Black deleted Apr 30th, 2023

Nope, she will be much more understanding of Spike's feelings, she's been to the bottom before but she will be disappointed that he didn't tell her his plan.

Comment posted by Dragon-In-Black deleted May 7th, 2021

Well you have Ignitus, who is also in the legend of spyro. And Malefor was also there as the villain. So I thought that you were gonna make a Malefor type character for your story that Spike will have to face.

Try here. It's a playlist I made for the entire game series.

Ahh I remember that now, I loved that trilogy. I may make him one of the ancient ones as a neat reference especially since I know how the final encounter will go.

Or the dad of the blue and purple colored dragon you mentioned earlier?

Ok while i get you wanted to show AJ could hold her own you went too far with the injuries and the amount of dmg he allowed himself to take no matter the guilt or hesitation his instict should have protected him.

This goes the route of i dont want to see you again for both of them now. Spike if hes not wisened up after this and doesent have a shred of resentment or self confidence he wont take this laying down and would walk away with his head held high as he knows where his former friend stands now.

Uf it boils my blood when i see former friends trying to kill one another and one simply taking it. No matter the reasons......

To be honest, I don't like the way the fight went. I know Applejack is strong, and Spike wouldn't want to hurt her but, that fight was way too one-sided. Makes it look like all those years of training, fighting and victories against the Ancients really didn't do anything for his skills.

Will still see how this turns out. But if most of this is just going to be, "beat the dragon", I'm not really interested in reading more. Not looking for a pity party but, not really sure where the story is going with this turn of events. He didn't even go see, Princess Celestia, who is the whole reason he even came back now in the first place! Just looking for some clear direction here, that still has something to do with the original goals and tasks for his leaving in the first place, and what he really learned from it.

So, that's just my two cents. Sorry for the rant. Just happened and I went with it.

Please continue!

I understand Applejacks anger but to me it doesn’t make sense that she won this fight. Spike has been training and taking on ancient Evils. I understand the first hit taking him by surprise and her getting in a couple of hits but I feel like he should have been able to block the other attacks.

Spike didn't want to fight her

Yeah really. Though AJ is the angriest of anyone, this attacking thing won't happen again. He'll need to work to get her back to being his friend.

Yeah Spike is more resilient and while I think he was caught off guard he tried to avoid fighting only to be actually be hurt. I mean he could have breathed fire or slashed but he doesn't wanna hurt her or the land. I may have gone too far, once he realized that he was getting hurt maybe he should have ran. Since he was a dragon, AJ I suppose believed she could go all out while Spike can't, a fight with an ancient even is easier when you can focus on killing instead of disabling. The way I see it, Applejack is the most sensible of the Mane 6, probably Spike hoped that she would get it out of her system like Starlight but you saw how it ended. This won't be the last time the two fight but next time it will be on far more even terms. Spur of the moment and caught off guard Spike underestimated her and paid the price. It won't happen next time. You did have a point though so thanks for the comment!

I agree. The fight was more so Applejack based this time. That is something that I'll work on, especially in their second fight. The next one will be much more emotional and even with them agreeing to not maim but hit hard. Spike was trained to fight monsters and while he has captured many I think he's mostly resulted to killing. Something that doesn't help here. I may have him have to train to actually disable opponents. Especially since ponies like Fluttershy and Twilight would be against it. Maybe Shining Armor will be the teacher. I fully understand the complaint and this was gonna be the last fight chapter for a bit. He is gonna rebuild his relationships, strengthen them, and focus on finding his role with them again. Maybe he'll be an assistant, maybe a teacher? I can say that everyone, even Rainbow, will be far more accepting of Spike again but AJ will still not be for a tiny bit.

Seeing how important family is to her this running away thing and how hurt the others were affected her. AJ being who she is decided to bottle that, seeing Spike here snapped her for a bit but she'll be sensible again soon.

Would be funny if in a nightmare, Luna made sure to put Spike into a bad time Sans style.

Heh yeah that would be but Loony will be more mature haha

She isn't when it comes to games.

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