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A simple fan who is trying his best! Fair warning my stories tend to focus on everypony's favorite dragon!



Twenty-eight years have passed since Twilight has taken over for Celestia and Luna and now the night she dreads is here. The Gala is always boring but it's far worse when none of her friends are able to come since they all have responsibilities with even Spike saying he's too busy. Despite this, the Gala will change how she sees one of her oldest friends and give her the happy ending she had been looking for for years.

Twispike Fluff along with many other ships. Also I wanted to thank Fristart for making the cover! Their art is fantastic!

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The first canon based twispike fanfic
The possibility is more real now

Honestly, I was going for as canon as much as I could but added my own stuff here and there, I'm glad you liked it though!

Hmm I suppose I can see that. My point was to show that Discord loved her so much he was willing to give up an eternal life as long as he had her. A question I expected was why wouldn't he just make her immortal well... Fluttershy doesn't seem like the type to do that. She seems like the kind of person/pony that would be content with what she had done in her life and want to go on when her other friends go.

true however I see Discord still seeing value in his magic as he uses it to entertain and help Fluttershy. losing it and becoming normal would lose a bit of what she loves about him. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I was thinking of a sequel story but not too sure yet.

Great fic!

a few notes though.
the ending feels a bit rushed, the build up was fine but the ending could have used some more details.

you have great potential, cant wait to see what else you write

Hmm you're right, by the end I may have rushed it some I'll have to go back and add a bit more. I am planning a few sequels to this story so I'll remember to focus more on the end.

Glad I could help:twilightsmile:.
You did well in the build-up, It's important in setting up the ending. Both are very important.
Can't wait to see those sequels :pinkiehappy:

Its so hard trying to find any good pony and dragon splight Fics. They're usually just Anthro or futa/fetish rape stories. And the best little gems you find are half complete. This story was cute and sweet. Up vote from me :twilightsmile:

Tip for writing good romance: don’t end the story when the couple gets together.

this is the third time I've read this I love this fic and i can't wait to read the squeals.

I'm working on the full ideas so they are more fullfilling that this one but I'm so glad you've enjoyed it! So little time lately to write sadly.

Very cute and extremely in character. I'm not and never will be a fan of Pinkie/Cheese even if it's canon but I'll support everything else, you need an editor and proofreader but you're getting better, great job. I love this pairing.

Thanks for the kindness, I do need a permanent editor but I'm glad I'm getting better. Honestly Pinkie is a hard one for me to ship with anyone but with this story being mostly based off canon I went with Cheese. I'm glad you thought everyone was in character though!

Never a problem my friend. And I need one to if I'm being honest lol. I understand. Personally one of my favorite pairings is Discord and Pinkie but honestly Pinkie could be with many others if the connection is right. And I did, you did an amazing job. Excited to see what else you have planned.

As a Twispike fan, I loved this utterly!

Where in the world did you find that cover art? Try as I might, I have not found it?

I had it commissioned recently so I'm not sure it would be on google yet but if you want to use it you can. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I really like your stories so that means a lot. I am working on the sequel to this story right now, after deciding that it would focus on Twilight this time trying to do something for Spike.

Pretty sweet! And no worries about the image. I'm a big fan of Frist, and seeing something he made and that I wasn't aware of confused me. Nice commission, mate!

yeah had it made last week.


1. For those who did not know, the song is from (prom-)finale of Kim Possible: So the Drama (cartoon-movie which takes place between KP Seasons 3 & 4).

Could it be, by Christy Carlson Romano (Kim Possible's voicer)

2. @L Drkheart ~ 'Could It Be' is a song that has stuck with me as one of my favorites, even 10+ years later. :heart:

I do miss Kim Possible at times, it really was a good series. Hopefully they will (someday) reboot the series in-full.

Thank you for a better and complete show of the song. I really liked it.

1. Glad to help. :ajsmug:

2. As some friendly advice, you (Author-wise) should probably provide the song-references/-sources in your Author's Note. Providing such references yourself (rather than me) is a positive writing habit to get into and keep; it will help make you a better writer in the overall. :eeyup:

Yes sir! I'll do that for anymore stories that use music.

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