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A simple fan who is trying his best! Fair warning my stories tend to focus on everypony's favorite dragon!


Spike was raised in the Dragon Town area of Fillydelphia, until his sixteenth birthday when he discovers his true origin and it leads him to the Sun Princess of Equestria. At her suggestion, he moves to Ponyville, taking over the local Spa and finding himself growing close to everyone in the small town. He'll find where he belongs with those he bonds with.

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I think it would a little more interesting if Spike decided NOT to see Celestia, at least not yet, and just goes straight to Ponyville. But that's just me.

Hmm maybe choosing to avoid her for now would offer him some growth. Learning more about her from Twi or somepony else

And when the time finally comes, have Celestia come to Spike, instead of when he comes back to Canterlot. It'll help show her how genuine and sincere she is.

That makes sense especially if twilight mentions her gaining a dragon friend

I also got a couple ideas for ya but I feel we'll have to do through PM, if you're interested that is.

Sure that's fine.

At first I didn't like this direction mainly because of how you normally do Spike and Celestia relationships and naturally OC's. I hate OC's but it's your story. I'm very eager to see how this goes and excited for more.

The OCs won't be nearly as prominent as the main cast so not much to worry there. I must admit that I was going to have Celestia and Spike just have the mother son relationship but now I may have them build up to it. Celestia does have a good reason for leaving Spike and truly has kept an eye on him but couldn't be the mother he needed. Rockabye Dragon does have that closer relationship though.

Good I sure hope not and I like this idea a ton. Can't just forgive and forget after all he has been through. I approve and need to finish those chapters lol

Nah at most they'll be mentioned here and there with one more chapter way later showing them meeting Spike's friends but they'd go home then. Nope I have a bit of a absent dad myself and my brother is bitter about it. That is what I'll have for Spike at least at first but as he meets others like Twilight and hears what they have to say about her. He may open himself up to the chance of meeting. The latest one did have cute moments of the two being a family at least for half of the chapter.

Veey nice lol and I never met my dad so I know what it's like and can't blame Spike at all. Very nice I'll have to read it later.

Keep writing, it's great so far.

I’ve only just started read and can’t wait to read more when there’s an update! 😁

I plan to update all my stories at once. Just some home stuff taking up my time

This is a good story I can't wait for the next update😁


Really good job, 9/10 would read again. Hope a sequel is in the making.

Oh I love this story I may update soon.

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