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Twenty-eight years have passed since Twilight has taken over for Celestia and Luna and now the night she dreads is here. The Gala is always boring but it's far worse when none of her friends are able to come since they all have responsibilities with even Spike saying he's too busy. Despite this, the Gala will change how she sees one of her oldest friends and give her the happy ending she had been looking for for years.

Twispike Fluff along with many other ships.

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Honorary Prince Spike Dracon Solaris has never left the safety of the Canterlot Castle, despite his want to do so. Over time Spike will push his limits at home and go out to see the kingdom he promises to protect, with the help of his sister Cadence, cousin Blueblood, and family friend Shining Armor of course. The four will learn of hidden conspiracies and lost treasures while growing to learn what it truly means to be heroes and a family.

A sweet story that focuses on family and growth other than adventures but a lot of actions and adventure will still be intersected with the slice of life stories.

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This a story that takes place before Princess Twilight arrives in this world and shows Sci-Twi and Spike become friends who will do anything to defend their city from the forces of magic. They will fight to learn the nature of the magic that is in them and meet characters that we never saw in the movies or series. Both friends and foes will be confronted as the future of Canterlot City is thrown into question.

(Part of the Nova Verse)

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Spike was always different from other dragons. Sure, he still had many of the standard abilities of a dragon (such as flame breath and really tough scales), but he also liked reading more than other dragons did and didn't enjoy many of the same activities that gave other dragons pleasure. He was also adept in the field of alchemy. His only friend growing up was the Dragon Lord's daughter Ember.

Now, however, he has a chance to find out WHY he is different from other dragons, even if it means saying goodbye to his only friend. However, if he isn't like any other dragon, then what is he like?

Is there another out in the world like him or is he truly alone?

If he isn't alone, then where will this new path take him?

Many adventures with new friends and dangerous new enemies will give him the chance to find out, for better or for worse.

The only way to see where he will end up is to keep moving forward and never look back.

(This is the First Part of the Nova Verse)

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