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With magic back and Maritime Bay at peace, Hitch has a talk with Sprout and reflects on his past mistakes, and aims to apologize to Sunny but decides first to consult with his new friends first.

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This is such a nice story. I like the pacing and everything. Definitely into my fav list now.

Thanks! It's nice to know I haven't lost all my skills haha.

Wow this was a pretty interesting story and it looks like hitch is having some emotional thinking after that talk with sprout he wanted to find a way to apologize to Sunny but then he found pipp was still feeling bad of what happened back in Zephyr Heights but he gave her some pep talk reaching out her fans was all the fancy stuff and it looks like Zipp was also wanted to apologize to her sister so she wanted to help her to perform a concert and it looks like Izzy was helping out but hitch decided to ask her if she wants to help controlling the crowd while the concert is going on which she accepted then he went over to talk with sunny and apologize for not believing in her but she also apologize for giving him a hard time throughout the years and it looks like everything turned out pretty well I really like the story it's a pretty good one keep up the good work

You're back, great.


Yep! Slowly but surely getting back to it!

“Nope. Hitch, I’m sorry for making things so hard for you over the years. Never really treating you with the respect you earned and kind of using our friendship and your trust.”

sunny did disobey hitch several times, after all.

Yeah actually breaking laws which He no doubt didn't want to arrest her for but I mean I think he has no choice.

Me before seeing the movie: Eh, I get the feeling Hitch is going to be another Spike. A doormat who gets ragged on constantly and is way too full of himself. The typical idiot male character you see everywhere these days who's just there to make everyone else look better. He'll be a total wimp who can't stand up to Sunny. It's gonna get old fast.
Me after seeing the movie: Casually jumps into the screen, scoops up Hitch, and walks away. This is mine now.

Hitch is best pony.

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