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Sammy Heroes


Hitch has a conversation with Sprout regarding everything that happened. Sprout has a few things to get out of his chest and plenty of apologies to do. But sometimes friendships need to restart from zero to build them stronger.
(mentions of Hitch/Izzy or as I liked to call Moonblazer pairing)

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‘Twas a good story but I am upset no one is mentioning his mothers involvement in the collapse.

This was a pretty nice story and yeah they should have mentioned about sprouts punishment after what he tried to do and he almost gotten some of the ponies killed even sunny and Izzy and destroying her house and the punishment is very reasonable hitch still believes that he can still change but he doesn't trust him slowly he has to earn that trust again anyway this was a pretty good one keep up the good work and the ship hitch and izzy is kinda cute

Hmm, not a bad story. This was certainly a scene the movie needed. I agree with Hitch for the most part. I wouldn’t trust Sprout either. Especially when you realize that he hasn’t lost any of his prejudices, as exhibited by his claims that Izzy is brainwashing him. Those might be “jokes”, but that goes to show how toxic the propaganda has been.

On a more critical note, I noticed that some of your passages were awkwardly phrased. I’m not too upset about it; I think I’m right in assuming English isn’t your first language?

Here’s an example:

“Because that’s murder attempt by law definition, Sprout.”

A clearer way to phrase that would be:

“Because that’s attempted murder, Sprout.”

This is more of an ear thing than something you’d learn just from grammar studies. I recommend reading a lot more English novels. You’ll pick up the cadence of English better doing that.

I look forward to seeing what else you write!

It would be nice to see Sprout try to make amends by repurposing the hatemobile for something good, assuming it hasn't been too damaged. Maybe it can be used for fixing the lighthouse in some way, or at least to haul the construction equipment and supplies?

No, but that's a whole other conversation I need to have with her later.

Sounds like there's going to be a follow up.

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