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Princess Pipp is in the middle of her first ever hot tub stream when the unthinkable happens... Ponybook goes down, and takes the internet with it! Will she survive without the ability to go viral? Or will this spell doom for all of Zephyr Heights?

All aboard the bandwagon. Choo Choo!
Audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio here

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I wish I had the time for this level of commitment to bits.

So true about today's society. Got spammed by all my friends about the crash and I'm just like, so? We got texting or mail lol. :rainbowlaugh:

I had fun reading all the theories of what went wrong. If it weren't for reddit suddenly being flooded with Ponybook Facebook is Down memes I'd never have known.

Today we’re live streaming with Zephyrburg from the site if a five-alarm fire that consumed most of a data center!”

Of a five-alarm fire.

I know the 404 in the cover art was just taken from FiMFiction's error page, but I can't help but chortle at its notion that, even after all other knowledge of FiM-era Equestria has long since faded from memory, Derpy is still synonymous with goof-ups.

Fun story! :)

And this is why i dont watch YouTube often (exept GrayStillPlays. I watch the heck out of his videos)

Zephyrburg tried to remove the Derpy 404 image, but every time his engineers try, the code inexplicably stops working. At this point, Derpy is the only thing holding the software together. :trollestia:

thanks for the edits and constantly encouraging me to write the silly things I talk about. :scootangel:

This is canon now.

418 error



Alright, you got me. Is this a reference to something?

Pretty good read. Looking at this story, and your profile and name I though to myself, "I swear I notice this author just can't put my finger on who." Doing some research, I found out that you are the author of Twilight's Dollhouse and A Puppet to Her Fame. That's awesome! With this story, I only have two critiques

Next she tried Nitter, maybe someone had posted some news about this outage?
Should've been somepony

“I don’t know what Princess Pipp is thinking! There hasn’t been a Neigh on Nitter in hours!” one panicked woman screamed.
Panicked woman? I'm not sure if you ment panicked pony

Heh nice teapot.

I made up the error, I think I remember the blue screen of death errors are 0x and then hexadecimal. So it looked pretty realistic. :twilightsheepish:

dude it hasn't even been 24 hours yet, you're fast

Thanks, yep I'm back from a hiatus many many moons long... And am continuing some of the old stories, when I'm not distracting myself throwing out all these quick one shots. Thanks for catching those errors, super embarrassing I can't even remember they're ponies not people. Will get them fixed. :twilightsheepish:

Gotta move fast to keep up with the tech industry.

It's been fun though, I'm so excited for gen 5 I can't stop writing... which is a tad unfortunate for the gen 4 fics I resumed updating right before the movie came out. :facehoof:

okay the Ponynet being a series of cloud-tubes killed me, LOL
that's a joke so old and yet with so many additional layers added to it that it has an entirely new appeal xD


Ah, thought you were hiding away another Easter egg like with the 418. Could have fooled me!

And yeah, BSoD error codes are (were?) in hex, but the G in your code made me think it's gotta be a reference since it's not a normal hex digit.

*gasp* Is this a story based on... current events!? :pinkiegasp:


Pipp sat up in the jacuzzi and dried her hooves off on a towel. “After all, those adoring fans were really sending the love tonight.”

Oh, you know they will :rainbowwild:

Wow I guess this is what happens we take technology for granted especially social media I got admit that was pretty funny keep up the good work lol

Ok, so I’ve spent the 5 minutes in vain trying to convert HEX into something else. 😂

deli’s and bistro’s

Get rid of those apostrophes.

This story is gonna be nostalgic one day.

I read about it on Apple News on my phone while I was doing laundry.

Just FYI : hexadecimal, or base-16, only uses the letters A through F. Adding G would make it heptadecimal, or base-17. :twistnerd:

Fartbook went out, and nothing of value was lost. Next time, they should drop a few sticks of dynamite into the server room at 3 am.

Zephyrburg restored internet magic to Equestria? He should become an alicorn or something. :derpytongue2:

This was hilarious and I think I laughed a little too hard at Zephyrburg

Good to see the comment section remain civil with a current events story.

With a few quick taps, she switched to the phone’s Steedzilla browser and pulled up the search engine. “Wait, what’s this? A 500 error? Good grief… I guess I have no choice but to check Bing.”

So many puns, yet the ponies still use Bing :facehoof:

All that was missing was the spiritual successors of the Flower Trio collapsed on the ground muttering 'The horror...... the horror... '

Great little fun poke and recent events!


Despite decades of earnestly trying to destroy all civility. Shame on the network admins who resuscitated the monster instead of letting it burn.


The Greek root for 16 is actually "sex" not "hex."

They changed it due to stuffed-shirt, company-songbook IBM stooges were too prudish.

Bing is as universal as it is pointless. Though maybe I should have called it Bing Bong. :trollestia:

I thought I fixed that before anyone caught me, I'll have to count the letters on my fingers next time so I don't make mistakes. :scootangel:

thanks I'll go eliminate them.

the internet is tubular all right.


Though maybe I should have called it Bing Bong.

Missed opportunity right there. xD

I am amused, nice job.

"Good grief… I guess I have no choice but to check Bing.”

Pfft...I'd still use Google before I'd use Bing.

...Not that's saying much coming from me, considering Google remains my go-to search engine regardless...

...but still! :rainbowlaugh:

You know, I didn't even notice Facebook was down until well after the fact and it was already back up? My brother mentioned to me the previous evening and I made a show of glancing around before replying "well, the world's still standing, so...must've not been that big a deal after all, eh?" :trollestia:

I couldn't think up a way to ponify google :(

Apparently there are a lot of countries where what's app is the main way to communicate, but yeah I didn't notice anything was down either until the memes began.

This story certainly did made me laugh lol. Also, who uses Bing?

I think they still pay people a few cents per search to use it. You know you've made it when you have to pay people to use your product.

You're hired! I should get a reference list going of Ponified puns for future use.

I thought I was going crazy lol.

Oh no! Now she's stuck in the Rift forever!


The Greek root for 16 is actually "sex" not "hex."

Sorry, but that's not correct. "Hexa" ( έξι ) is the Greek term for "six" (or "having six"); "sexa" is the Latin equivalent. "Hexadecimal" is a macaronic term, in that it combines words from two languages: the Greek "hexa-" with the Latinate "-decimal."

They changed it due to stuffed-shirt, company-songbook IBM stooges were too prudish.

Also not true. IBM set the de facto standard for using the letters A through F for hexadecimal notation, starting with the publication of their Fortran IV manual for the IBM 360 systems, but they did not invent the term itself.

Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. :twilightsmile:

Brilliantly written in every way imaginable! The dramatics showcased from many of the characters are especially the best! Hope you didn't mind, but I couldn't resist making a reading of this chaotic fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/rrVeib0FZOY

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

very salient and pertinent fic which will still be relevant not even just weeks, but perhaps even months or years from now

i get it funny to make fun of certain events. but, idk doesn't it kind of date the fic a by a lot almost instantly?

I mean, even if it's not always on such a noteworthy scale, social media outages are a thing that happens from time to time. Just off the top of my head, Instagram's apparently had over 100 minor incidents over the past twelve months. Heck, remember when FiMFiction was out for an entire weekend last year?

Point being, even if this story admittedly won't ever be as "relevant" as it is right now, I reckon there will always be a time and place for chronicles of your favorite(?) social media site suffering technical difficulties.

Ooh, topical. There's something truly hilarious in magic's return heralding a different apocalypse for the pegasi. Thank you for a wonderful bit of silliness.

eh true, :ajsmug: ages a lot better then say a Covid based story would.


Heck, remember when FiMFiction was out for an entire weekend last year?

how could i forget
freedom was so close
i could almost taste it
alas, the site came back online and i was returned to my servitude :ajsleepy:

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