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Twilight and Spike have a great system for finishing papers late at night. What Twilight doesn't realize is just how much Spike helps her after she passes out at her desk.

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Desks are terrible pillows.

but are more comfortable than keyboards :twilightsmile:

A very cute story that I don't really have a hard time imagening to actually happened between the two of them. :heart:

This gives me an explanation for how half Twilight's things are just on time.

Adorable! I love the idea of Spike helping Twilight.

I like this. I wanted to start with that, so I don't give the wrong impression. I'm a huge fan of Spike's and Twilight's relationship, and this was a nice, well written and edited example of that.
However, it does fall into one of the extremes that I often see in writing about Spike. Stories either have Spike as this amazing character who's great at everything, or they portray him as a complete joke (or ignore him entirely). While this is far, FAR, from the worst example I've ever seen of the former, it does fall into that trap.
Again, I liked the story. I'm a sucker for stuff like this. But I don't feel that Spike would really be able to write a report like that.

Kid's got a bright future. Good job, I enjoyed this.

This is a very good one-shot. I am glad that Spike takes care of Twilight.

That’s a nice twist to their relationship. I found this quite delightful

Good premise, but isn't Spike also the one who doesn't know how to spell "precipice", "threshold", and "imperative"?:rainbowhuh:

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Thanks, I wanted to write something based off a thought I had that there could be more to their relationship than even Twilight realizes.

I agree, when I get around to working on a longer story I'd like to explore their relationship in a more feasible way, where he's neither useless or unbelievably useful. I think everyone can relate to helping out and doing the right thing and never getting recognized, and that seems to be how Spike's usually handled. I like the idea of Spike learning to draw satisfaction from the acts and not the rewards of helping out.

And a reason why Twilight hasn't gone Lesson Zero again, Spike is always a voice of reason in the show when Twilight imagines a catastrophe resulting from every tiny thing she doesn't do "perfect".

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And pillows are terrible desks.
Anything is a bed if you're tired enough. :twilightsmile:

All an elaborate act to throw Twilight off so she can save face in front of the other Princess's :scootangel:

What if Spike goes Graffiti painting?

Spike the graffiti artist strikes again, a national terror to Equestria... who paints hyper-realistic human nudes on buildings at night.

Poor guy doesn't even get the credit and he's still happy with it. :fluttershysad:

Element of Humility. That's my boy. :moustache:

“There we go, another friendship disaster averted.”

Spike is the real MVP!

Good story!
It's good to see Spike's hard work appreciated for once.
(But maybe this cover would look a bit better... and it's bigger, too.)

By the way: You are currently second place in the feature box while having 95 likes and 0 dislikes.
Sounds like you did everything right.

Edit: You got your first dislike, but now you are even at the top of the feature list.

Imagine when Twilight finally becomes a Princess with real political power, Spike will be next to her, redacting decrees as the (benevolent) power behind the throne, shaping Equestria's destiny....

...and nopony besides Starlight Glimmer will ever know it:moustache:

Or spray-paint a certain pony's house who a speciest about having a school with all creatures.

But . . .


I tend to think of Spike as the sort of character that gives 100% when he's helping a friend regardless of whether or not he receives any appreciation or credit. This story somewhat captures that image. However, the idea that Spike, on a regular basis, waits until after Twilight exhausts herself to the point of collapse to step in and demonstrate a greater effort comes off as a little disingenuous.

That said, this was well written, and got me thinking on the nature of Twilight and Spike's relationship far more than most of the one shot Spike themed stories I've seen (and far more than is probably healthy).

A nice little story to start off a Saturday. 👍 Though, perhaps sometime Twilight will learn how much Spike does for her? PLZ? She always seems to take him for granted.


A bright future as a ghostwriter! Really, how many of those books by celebrities and politicians these days are actually written by them?


I like the idea of Spike finishing Twilights work when she passes out. Would love to see how she would react if she woke up and saw that happening though. Either way, I like this story.

Edit: Though now that I think about it, you think Twilight would realize that some of that stuff that is on the paper she didn't write. Though I guess you do forget stuff when you are extremely tired like that. I know I have.

That would take so much effort to constantly do that for Twilight and not get caught.
Princess Spike, the real ruler of Equestria. Has a nice ring to it.
That pony was such a dick. He doesn't even get reformed he just makes racist threats to the rulers of Equestria and leaves. And that's the pony they let run the entire Equestrian school system. :facehoof:
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It'd be interesting to decide what she'd do if she found out. Maybe she knew all along and lets him do it to teach him altruism? Or she's actually a big fat phony and Spike is real Princess of Friendship. :pinkiegasp: Probably not though, probably something a lot happier for everypony.

Aha! So cute and adorable. Spike is definitely still her #1 assistant. Of course, this would imply that he can forge Twilight's signature just about anywhere! Uh oh :twilightoops:

You can always count on Spike.
Good story.


...Spike is real Princess of Friendship.

You're forgetting that Twilight has already appointed him the new Element of Loyalty!


This wasn'T as emotional as I expected and that was the only thing I thought would be good in that short one-shot.

It maybe isn't bad but also nothing special to me sorry.



You'll notice that her signature was the one thing Spike didn't put on that report...

Spike, the surprisingly well-educated dragon! :twilightsmile:

:trixieshiftright: Spike? Yeah the mighty Trixie knows why he sleeps most the time!
:twilightsheepish: He dreams of white unicorns
:ajsmug: He's just a little lover boy
:rainbowlaugh: chasing purple tail
:yay: He's so helpful
:duck: I swear, where do all these ponies get these silly ideas
:moustache: I have no idea, Lets go snogging
:facehoof: It must be the wings!


Cute. I like this new headcanon!

I can tell there's a little rust, but it's still a really nice read. :moustache::twilightblush:

Nice, short and sweet. But we now need a squeal where Twilight realizes what Spike did, like when he's not around or something.

This was really sweet, I like that Spike seems to think of Twilight's work as a team effort. He relaxes and passes her the occasional quill or whatever and when she can't continue Spike picks up the baton and finishes the race, so to speak.

May I have permission to do a reading of your story?

Good, but could be better.

Yes that's fine. :twilightblush:

Aww... this was cute in so many ways. I approve, especially of Spike the number one assistant!

Gosh, Twilight, why are you so oblivious? All Starlight had to do was look in Spike's direction to see the quill.

Ah, well. It was cute and fuzzy. I will give you one like.

A really solid fic, if a bit telly. I love the way you pictured Twilight and Spike's relationship.

Kaiden, even her B material beats most of the site's short fics:pinkiehappy:

This was short and sweet:heart:

Nice short and sweet. I gotta say this was really good and fun to read. I am a huge lover of Twilight’s and Spike‘s Relationship with each other. And I think this captured that perfectly. Loved it:twilightsmile:

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